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Just getting my hands on the album “I Am” from New artist, Chrisette Michele. The album came out today. I’ve been anticipating this since I heard about her a while back. You may have heard her on the songs “Lost One” from Jay-Z and and “Can’t Forget About You” from Nas. Well, now hear her on her on project. Being that I just got it, this is NOT a review. I don’t do those so well anyway. I may have some impressions after I listen to the whole thing. In the mean time, check out out this conversation from

Conversation with Chrisette Michele

Also, she has a video for her first single, “If I Have My Way”. You can find it on Youtube or the link from

Video: If I Have My Way

Nas – “Can’t Forget About You”

Jay-Z – “Lost Ones”

I’ve seen the listed price of $7.99 at Best Buy and Circuit City. That’s kind of standard for new artists like this. She’s also on iTunes (with 3 bonus tracks – live versions of 3 songs from the album) for the same price, if you like going that route. I’ve not been a fan of itunes’ low bitrate for it’s songs (sans the iTunes Plus stuff), but the deal is solid. Seems to be on Napster, too. Either way, go get it. Wish I could point you to where you can listen to the whole thing, but I can’t. Itunes and Napster may be able to snippet you. What I can do is point you to her AOL music page if you want to hear a song from the album.

Outside of that, Check out her website,, which some stuff to check out (most of which I hadn’t seen) and her Myspace page.

Umm, go!

(On a side note, this young lady is Beautiful! That is all.)

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This little ditty was taken from the spot of the sweetie, GG. Consequently, between her and e, they were the ones that called me out*. 🙂

(Quote)hmmmmmm its been over a month…can we get something?? anything??(Unquote)

GG’s right, so I’m doing double duty. What’s more, this meme is not only a meme, but a sort of overdue dedcation. You’ll see what I mean. And it goes a little somethin’ like this…

Pick a band and answer only using song titles: Levert

Are you male or female: Casanova

Describe yourself: Loveable

Your best piece of advice: Take Your Time

Describe your last relationship: Like Water

Describe your last crush: Fascination

Say something to someone you have a crush on: Hey Girl

Say something to an ex: Pull Over

Say something to someone who hurt you severely: Give A Little Love

How do you feel right now: Just Coolin’

There’s a couple of people I can rightfully throw this to. One of which hadn’t posted in ’07, and the other has been going great guns and I am curious of his answers. They are The L (she knew this was coming) and TGrundy over Netinfoweb and RIBS (Which I suggest you go check out). Go for it.

* – Normally, I don’t succomb to these tactics but, that’s my girl and she’s doing her thing on her site.

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