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Has anyone tried these new Hershey’s Kissables? They are basically Hershey’s Kisses with a candy coating and packaged like M&M’s…and smaller. They are pretty good, but one thing I never realized just dawned on me. They look like the game pieces from the game Sorry!. I used to gnaw on these when I was little! Ok, no not really, but i’m sure some people did (that’s my story and i’m sticking to it). Not it all makes sense. Ah, childhood…

Merry Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly,
Has anybody seen a bough of Holly?

Well, Merry Christmas to all, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Etc.
If you hadn’t gotten your shopping done by now, you’re out of luck.
On the plus side, you can get the jump on next year, or still get stuff for people who you won’t see on Christmas day. That is assuming these people are gadget lovers. Just check out these resources:

Endgadget Holiday Gift guide


CNET Holiday Gift guide

Take care and be safe.

PSP Yippee


     I got a PSP. Ok, I’ve had it for a week or two. The funny thing is, I can’t blame it for my lack of posting, much. I have been trying to perfect getting video to it (as opposed to playing game, apparently). I’ve been trying to do that for MONTHS before I got it, mind you. Now that I have one, I’ve been trying to get a good balance of quality and file size. I’ve had a little bit of luck, but nothing I’m sticking to. I’m using PSP video 9 for my conversions from other formats. I’m happy with that. What I am NOT happy with, are videos that come off of the net already in .MP4 format (be it mpeg-4 or H.264). There is no real (noticeable) comparison between those and the one’s I convert myself except for two things: 1) Sony stupid file naming convention, and 2) a header tag (Sony’s idea, no doubt) on the ones I convert in pspvideo9.

     Apparently, thanks to Sony, you can’t just put an .MP4 file on to your PSP and play it outright. That would be too easy. You see, 1) you have to name your file in a specific way: M4VXXXXX (mpeg-4 AKA SP) or MAQXXXXX(H.264 AKA AVC) (The x’s represent a 5 digit number from 00001 to 99999) and 2) there seems to be the aforementioned tag file on the front of the file(a header file). PSP video 9 puts this on any video it converts. The problem is, it doesn’t appear to come on most of the .MP4 video from the net (example: Nerd TV, Digitallife TV, commandN, 1up show (until the last ep), etc). You know, I haven’t tried Ipod formatted video. I’ll have to try that.  Anyway, there has to be a way to add the needed header file. Yes, you can rename M4V files, but that doesn’t work. You can’t do it in psp video 9 and any .MP4 file you rename doesn’t have the tag. In fact, it comes up in psp video 9 and says NO MSV TITLE TAG FOUND in the title part. If you’ve used this program, you know this already. I don’t know what to do about it, but I am still looking. If anyone has a solution, let me know. And yes, I have been googling for it… Going Offline? Could this be the end?

Ok, so not many people that will read this will care(including me a bit), but if you do then the first comment(on Digg) will some it up quite nicely….

December 31st the site will be going offline. We cannot help but to feel that a part of our history is leaving us all especially after the cancellation of the latest series Star Trek: Enterprise.

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Fiendy Fiend

Tis the season to spend your money HAHA HAHA HA HA HA HA HAA! Christmas time is coming and you’ve got gifts to get. And here I am to help. From time to time, I’ll be posting suggestions, linking to holiday buying guides from various places, and maybe even my post own personal wish list for myself (which won’t be wrapped up by Christmas, I can tell you). So, be on the lookout for those.

That being said, I have a good idea of what I want to put on my wishlist and at the same time, I am REALLY jonesing on a couple of items. For the past week, i’ve been itching to buy a PSP or cellphones for the missus and I. I still haven’t decided which to get. The recent Sony issue should have swayed me one way, but it didn’t…much. The reason I have to pick is easy, budget constraints (read: lack of funds). it’s possible to save up for both, but i have not the patience. Especially since I have PSP games and videos sitting in wait, and also could stand to have a cellphone around for long distance calls. It’s kicking me aound, but, i’ve been good. For how much longer remains to be seen.