Deep Space Google lovin’

If you haven’t heard, Google Video is now selling downloadable videos (shows and maybe movies? I haven’t checked that far yet). You can apparently “test drive” these videos right there in the browser. If you have ever been there, you know how this works. If not, go there and kick it around. I’m kind of excited because on my first perusal since this started (sometime last week) there were videos of my favorite Sci-Fi show, Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I don’t know if it shows the whole thing because I am at work as i’m writing this and not trying to get wrapped up into that here. When I get home, is another story. Now, from what I see, the shows are being sold for $1.99 (like iTunes does. If you don’t know about iTunes, well where the HELL have YOU been?). I have no intentions of buying downloadable videos for stuff that I can get from Best Buy or somewhere….yet. The only thing that would sway me is the fact that I could get great quality video that ends up being cheaper than buying it from the store. Deep Space Nine would be a good example. A season of the show is like $100.00 on DVD. On Google Video (and probably itunes) it’s $1.99 an episode. That’s about $52 for 26 shows (a season, in other words). That is cool even though I like this series enough to want to have a DVD copy, but I could do this. I may try to download one and check it out. Hopefully, it won’t be full of DRM and it’s good enough quality so that I can put it on my PSP (which I would do even if I bought the DVD version). Want to check out the show, click the link below.

(EDIT) I have just found out from the CNET Podcast, Buzz Out Loud, that this has flaws. Flaws such as DRM and the fact that you possibly stream the video and not download it (which means you don’t actually have a copy hat you pay for. There are other issues too, apparently. time will tell whether it will get better or it’s just junk. Plus, you can only look a 30 second clips of the for sale videos. The free videos run fine (plus you can download those for Ipod or PSP).

tvshow:Star_Trek_Deep_Space_Nine – Google Video

Want List Pt. 4 (side item)

My next keyboard (I would hope). It’s a keyboard with OLED lights underneath. You can change the display to fit your needs. Have a picture to start Firefox (or IE). I love this!! Hopefully, it is not too expensive. I’ll be checking this out more as it comes around. Check out the pictures.

Optimus keyboard

Want list PT. 3

Aww, isn’t this cute. One of the smallest High Definition (HD) video cams around. I haven’t checked the video from it (check it out from the link). Probably costs more than a lot of things way bigger. Perfect for that pocket pervert and women’s locker room / Sauna lurker on your list. FUN!

Video Feature: Sanyo’s VPC-HD1 – Engadget

Want list pt. 2

So i’ve been thinking about getting a laptop for a while now. Even more recently, I have been looking into Tablet PCs, which are laptops that have a display that you can turn around and write on (hence the tablet part). This may take the cake. It’s smooth, it’s svelte, the screen detaches and communicates wirelessly with the keyboard! Normally, I wouldn’t like something like this that has a detachable part to it, but this is cool.

Toshiba’s WiFi-screen Tablet PC laptop – Engadget

Want list

I’ve already talk up CES, but have been a bit slack in looking into what was shown. Well, now it’s over and I am sifting through the fields of coverage making up a want list. It’s like a wish list, but I know good and well no one will buy it for me. So this is where I start one. I will have a wish list on froogle, but that will come later (when I start it). Here we go:

If anyone is going to come up with bluetooth headphones, it would be the ones that do headsets quite well(next to Plantronics so I hear). Jabra comes up with stereo headsets. 14 hours of music, 16 hours of talk time. NICE! And from what it looks like, you don’t have to have a cellphone to use it with, but you know someone will. If you thought people with those wireless headsets looked crazy before, what till you see them with these on.
/>Jabra debuts BT620 Bluetooth stereo headset and more – Engadget

One for the wishlist

This is a useful item. sort of. A USB key, if you don’t know is basically a small hard drives, of sorts. It is also called thumbdrive sometimes. Whereas you used to have to store stuff on floppy disks(You see kids, these were little square plastic disks that you could store data from from …oh never mind). They’ve been around a while now and are slowly catching on. Anyway, they are good to have if you carry data (personal or otherwise) from computer to computer. You should really have one. These particular ones are touted to be “gamer oriented”, but I have a feeling there is no difference other than the new smart drive standard that is around now. Well, check out the lin below. There is more where that came from…

Sandisk intros Cruzer Crossfire and U3 Smart USB drives – Engadget

Quick thought

     In the past week, I’ve been asked twice if I was writing or not. Well, if you are reading this, then you know two things: 1) You know that I have done some (arguably) creative writings in my past and 2) most importantly that I am writing because you are reading this. And yes, I count this as writing even though no pen touched pad. Anyway, I believe I know why one person asked me. In fact, they pretty much told me what they wanted in so many words.  I don’t know, however why the other asked me and I keep forgetting to ask. This actually brings up something. Outside of the other stuff that I post, I would love to put up writings, thoughts, stories, etc from people. Particularly people that I KNOW are great writers. I am finding it difficult to motivate them or myself, for that matter. It would make me happy if I could put more than my lunacy enhanced ramblings (though I know you all love it). Maybe I would have enough material to branch off on to another site (which I am thinking constantly about anyway).

     I am also wondering if I should make this spot public. As of now, the only people that know about this are people that I have told about it. That kind of makes certain statements null and stupid, though. Well, I don’t know you and you are reading this…HI, enjoy the show. Oh and, how the HELL did you find out about this page? At any rate, it’s a new year and I would like to see interesting good stuff coming up. I will continue to do my best to bring things to the podium. Oh, and I know at least one or two people read this blog on some sort of reoccurring basis and I appreciate it (Hi Cookie). To the rest I have told and who don’t read…BOOOOOOO! Now what I meant to say was let me know what kind of stuff you want to see and I will try to accommodate. Ok, the last few sentences are quite stupid to have here in the cases given but I’ll keep them. Anyway, back to the grind….

If anyone has any writings they want to submit, hit me up on email. I might have to start calling some people out.

(Hmm, that was longer than I thought. Must be sleepy)

Tech Geek New Year starts now!

That’s right. January 1st is a footnote. The new year for gadget hounds and tech heads starts with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you don’t know, this is the first tech showcase (and the biggest outside of E3 for games that comes in May). It’s not open to the public that I know of, nor is it anywhere near me, so boo. I just love the coverage that comes from it from the likes of Engadget, DLTV, CNET, etc. and will be sifting through it the whole weekend. CES is 4 days starting today(EDIT: it starts tomorrow the 5th through the 8th in Las Vegas). Don’t be surprised if you see something I like here within the days. It’ll be something useful…to me, but hopefully to you too. If you care to follow along, follow the links around the post including the one below. Geeks, DROOL AWAY!!

CES news on Engadget

Test run

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Just trying out a new extension for Firefox. I’m sure I haven’t covered this before now, but I have faith that you have heard of this before now. If not, then let me know and i’ll get to it. Anyway, I found out about this extension from Geek Blogger Josh Bancroft’s site, Again if you’re already a geek, you know about this. If you don’t, it probably doesn’t matter.
Well, i’m trying out this extension that I am trying to get to called Performancing. What it does is let you blog from your web browser (Firefox only, that I know of) without leaving the page you are browsing. So far this is cool, or at least the intereface (you can check that out here). You can apparently drag and drop images and text from whatever site you are browsing. Nicely set up, too. It has a Microsfot Word feel to it ( if you like that), a live preview, and HTML source view. You may not care about this, but you love enough to read this, so there. you may know someone who does.

Now all that is left is to post this sucker and check it out. If this works, I will definitely be using this frequently ( read: at work like I am now) What do you think? Let me know.

EDIT: I forgot to post the link to where to find it. You can get it from here. You could also get it from the Tinyscreenfuls link above.