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Happy New Year Everybody!!

Just trying out a new extension for Firefox. I’m sure I haven’t covered this before now, but I have faith that you have heard of this before now. If not, then let me know and i’ll get to it. Anyway, I found out about this extension from Geek Blogger Josh Bancroft’s site, Tinyscreenfuls.com. Again if you’re already a geek, you know about this. If you don’t, it probably doesn’t matter.
Well, i’m trying out this extension that I am trying to get to called Performancing. What it does is let you blog from your web browser (Firefox only, that I know of) without leaving the page you are browsing. So far this is cool, or at least the intereface (you can check that out here). You can apparently drag and drop images and text from whatever site you are browsing. Nicely set up, too. It has a Microsfot Word feel to it ( if you like that), a live preview, and HTML source view. You may not care about this, but you love enough to read this, so there. you may know someone who does.

Now all that is left is to post this sucker and check it out. If this works, I will definitely be using this frequently ( read: at work like I am now) What do you think? Let me know.

EDIT: I forgot to post the link to where to find it. You can get it from here. You could also get it from the Tinyscreenfuls link above.

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