Tech Geek New Year starts now!

That’s right. January 1st is a footnote. The new year for gadget hounds and tech heads starts with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you don’t know, this is the first tech showcase (and the biggest outside of E3 for games that comes in May). It’s not open to the public that I know of, nor is it anywhere near me, so boo. I just love the coverage that comes from it from the likes of Engadget, DLTV, CNET, etc. and will be sifting through it the whole weekend. CES is 4 days starting today(EDIT: it starts tomorrow the 5th through the 8th in Las Vegas). Don’t be surprised if you see something I like here within the days. It’ll be something useful…to me, but hopefully to you too. If you care to follow along, follow the links around the post including the one below. Geeks, DROOL AWAY!!

CES news on Engadget

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