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     In the past week, I’ve been asked twice if I was writing or not. Well, if you are reading this, then you know two things: 1) You know that I have done some (arguably) creative writings in my past and 2) most importantly that I am writing because you are reading this. And yes, I count this as writing even though no pen touched pad. Anyway, I believe I know why one person asked me. In fact, they pretty much told me what they wanted in so many words.  I don’t know, however why the other asked me and I keep forgetting to ask. This actually brings up something. Outside of the other stuff that I post, I would love to put up writings, thoughts, stories, etc from people. Particularly people that I KNOW are great writers. I am finding it difficult to motivate them or myself, for that matter. It would make me happy if I could put more than my lunacy enhanced ramblings (though I know you all love it). Maybe I would have enough material to branch off on to another site (which I am thinking constantly about anyway).

     I am also wondering if I should make this spot public. As of now, the only people that know about this are people that I have told about it. That kind of makes certain statements null and stupid, though. Well, I don’t know you and you are reading this…HI, enjoy the show. Oh and, how the HELL did you find out about this page? At any rate, it’s a new year and I would like to see interesting good stuff coming up. I will continue to do my best to bring things to the podium. Oh, and I know at least one or two people read this blog on some sort of reoccurring basis and I appreciate it (Hi Cookie). To the rest I have told and who don’t read…BOOOOOOO! Now what I meant to say was let me know what kind of stuff you want to see and I will try to accommodate. Ok, the last few sentences are quite stupid to have here in the cases given but I’ll keep them. Anyway, back to the grind….

If anyone has any writings they want to submit, hit me up on email. I might have to start calling some people out.

(Hmm, that was longer than I thought. Must be sleepy)

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