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I’ve already talk up CES, but have been a bit slack in looking into what was shown. Well, now it’s over and I am sifting through the fields of coverage making up a want list. It’s like a wish list, but I know good and well no one will buy it for me. So this is where I start one. I will have a wish list on froogle, but that will come later (when I start it). Here we go:

If anyone is going to come up with bluetooth headphones, it would be the ones that do headsets quite well(next to Plantronics so I hear). Jabra comes up with stereo headsets. 14 hours of music, 16 hours of talk time. NICE! And from what it looks like, you don’t have to have a cellphone to use it with, but you know someone will. If you thought people with those wireless headsets looked crazy before, what till you see them with these on.
/>Jabra debuts BT620 Bluetooth stereo headset and more – Engadget

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