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If you haven’t heard, Google Video is now selling downloadable videos (shows and maybe movies? I haven’t checked that far yet). You can apparently “test drive” these videos right there in the browser. If you have ever been there, you know how this works. If not, go there and kick it around. I’m kind of excited because on my first perusal since this started (sometime last week) there were videos of my favorite Sci-Fi show, Star Trek – Deep Space Nine. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I don’t know if it shows the whole thing because I am at work as i’m writing this and not trying to get wrapped up into that here. When I get home, is another story. Now, from what I see, the shows are being sold for $1.99 (like iTunes does. If you don’t know about iTunes, well where the HELL have YOU been?). I have no intentions of buying downloadable videos for stuff that I can get from Best Buy or somewhere….yet. The only thing that would sway me is the fact that I could get great quality video that ends up being cheaper than buying it from the store. Deep Space Nine would be a good example. A season of the show is like $100.00 on DVD. On Google Video (and probably itunes) it’s $1.99 an episode. That’s about $52 for 26 shows (a season, in other words). That is cool even though I like this series enough to want to have a DVD copy, but I could do this. I may try to download one and check it out. Hopefully, it won’t be full of DRM and it’s good enough quality so that I can put it on my PSP (which I would do even if I bought the DVD version). Want to check out the show, click the link below.

(EDIT) I have just found out from the CNET Podcast, Buzz Out Loud, that this has flaws. Flaws such as DRM and the fact that you possibly stream the video and not download it (which means you don’t actually have a copy hat you pay for. There are other issues too, apparently. time will tell whether it will get better or it’s just junk. Plus, you can only look a 30 second clips of the for sale videos. The free videos run fine (plus you can download those for Ipod or PSP).

tvshow:Star_Trek_Deep_Space_Nine – Google Video

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