A quick Shout out…

If it is not known by now, I have a great respect for the literary arts. I wouldn’t say that I myself qualify as a writer (this aside), but I have in the past have indulged in a little something something (like Maxwell). I also have friends who write, a couple of which have been published in one way or another (Hi Sheria). Needless to say it is also good when I hear of one of them writing something new and sharing it with me. Some, I may have to fight to get them get them to put out something (I’m looking at YOU, Baby Jaguar, retired, my ASS). Hopefully, if not here then somewhere, I will get the chance to present them proper like for everyone. All in due time.

For now, I am happy to shout out my home girl, LaShonda (AKA L Boogie), who has recently started a blog and anyone who knows me knows this makes me happy levels on levels. So, I invite to check her out on her journey from Phat To Fabulous (Now L, you’ve gotta love how I did that). Now you can all see, as I have for years, how special she is. And not in that seperate class, little yellow bus kind of way. Well…… never mind. You’ll love her, word is bond. By the way, L, you were right about the rambling. Damn.

You gotta love someone who like The Boondocks

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