It’s Black History month, who knew?

I just though of something, it’s been 3 days and i’ve heard no mention of Black History Month, of which is is. Hell, I’ve heard more of Groundhog’s Day than I have of Black History Month. Not bitter, mind you. A bit peeved, but not bitter. And for that matter, does matter to people? Particularly, African Americans (of which I am one, if that wasn’t painfully apparent). I don’t know too many that seem to give it much thought. I myself included. As far as I know, it’s not (or really never has) been taught well in school. This may be taken up as the month goes by. And realistically should be taken up after the month goes by. For now, we are here. And while we’re, check this out. When I thought of this, I decided to check out some resources on the net. Not the best time to do this, at work, but hey. I tried to check to and see if was active, and it is. I haven’t checked it out thoroughly, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Some discussion(a bit light seemingly) and some E-commerce sprinkled in. Then I tried to look up It comes up as an AOL site, Black Voices. It feels like an “Entertainment Tonight” with black folks. I was originally looking for the site for the old Microsoft program, Africana (around 2001). It’s used to be a pretty good encyclopdeia for Black History. They put it in with Encarta last I heard, so it’s probably forgotten. I will look for other computer programs similiar to this. I don’t know. I’ll be checking for more, but you can peruse these at your leisure.
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