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In the midst of finding links to terrorize a friend with, I came across the site called On the surface, it looks like a site showcasing music videos from the major genres, not unlike Yahoo Music (formerly named It also has movie trailers and RSS feeds (if you don’t know stay tuned) for the various features. If you are familiar with the site, you may have seen some their videos streamed from there. Clocking in at around 700 videos (according to, it may not hold a candle to Yahoo’s offering, but I had noticed that this site seems to have a interesting mixed of known, not so known, and “who the F**K are the cats” in their video selections. Well, they weren’t known to me, anyway.

You may ask yourself, why is this of any interest to anyone? Well, it might not be. I, on the other hand, found a couple of ditties worth watching. The site has videos ranging from Mariah Carey to The Veronicas (I don’t know) to Air America’s very own Kyle Jason. If you don’t know who he is (and you probably don’t), check out his Show on Saturday nights from 10pm-Midnight on your local Air America station. Here is a hint, it’s probably AM radio where you are. Or you can check it out online at that time from here.
That’s another story. I found a video from little known group Art N Soul (Tont Toni Tone spawn) and Tupac’s “Hail Mary”. A video i’ve never seen. One or two of the videos I found wasn’t on Yahoo. I’m going to keep looking, but check it out when you get a chance.

(EDIT) This site also has the ability to make playlists of videos, essentially allowing you to become your own DJ. I think Yahoo does this too, but i’ve never tried it if it does. I will be trying this. You may see the fruits of my awesome labor. This could be a challenge to someone’s “endless music repertiore”. 🙂

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