Stupid Yahoo

I am a bit miffed. I tried to view a video the other day from Yahoo Music through Firefox and gave me this error:


To use this application with Netscape, you must use version 7.1 or above. Download now.

Please use the following error code when writing to Yahoo! Help. (Error Code: 12)

My best friend told me about while I was on the phone with him and sure enough, it happened to me. This is strange on 2 levels: 1) this site used to work on Firefox 0.7 (it’s now on, and 2) Firefox and Netscape are basically family. Netscape 7.1 is based off of Mozilla (Firefox), which came from Netscape (Huh?). Anyway, just know that they are related. And in case you’re saying “Why not use Internet Explorer?” Well, it’s slow, has security holes (yes, so does Firefox, but they patch on the regular.), and pop ups. All of which has been said to have been fixed, but I don’t like IE, so there!

Not saying that this is the case, but a lot of times when site used to, and sometimes still does, say “Optimized for such and such browser” or “best viewed with”, it could mean that they were too lazy to make the site using the open standards, or they just like that browser (could be read as: possible kickbacks, but you didn’t hear that from me).  Some stuff could look better in one browser over another. Oh who cares, Bottom Line: Yahoo, fix your stuff!!

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