New Tivo lovin’

Got Tivo? Don’t you love it? Hate the fact that it has only one tuner(not DirectTV or the cable company ones)?
Well, now you may have something to smile about assuming all goes well. At CES, The Consumer Electronics Show this past January, The company Tivo showed off a new Series 3 Tivo box that they are working on to come out some time this year. It will supposedly be HD capable and possibly dual tuners. The latter meaning that you can watch one program while taping another. That is something you can’t do with current Tivo boxes. This will be a personal lovefest for me when it comes up (assuming I don’t pony up for Satellite soon. Actually even then). Satellite users and cable users have had these options available for a little while. It’s nice to see that the company who pretty much started the whole DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Shenanigans is finally getting it. Want to check it out? Click the link below from Gearlive and check out the video interview they put out. I say a very premature, YEAAAAAA!!!

Gear Live | CES 2006 Video: TiVo Series 3 Video Interview, First Look

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