And while i’m on it…(a few hours and a posting problem later)

The room that I work in gets very cold sometimes, presumably because there are computers in here and they will supposedly will act up or crash if they get hot. This is not necessarily true, but there a ring of truth. Pretty much any PC, server, game console, etc, will start acting up when they overheat. However, I know for a fact from working on PC’s and from good authority, that it does not have to be as cold as it is in this room is for the equipment to work properly. I should add that is not always this cold and I should also point out that I get cold easily. Trust me though, anyone walking in here would notice. What sparked this little tirade is actually kind of funny to me. I am sitting here with a t-shirt, a long shirt, a sweatshirt, and 2 seconds away from putting on my jacket. The funny part is that while I was rubbing my hands together a little while ago, I started thinking of getting a oil drum , starting a fire, and singing “Living for the City” like Levert in New Jack City. A sight to behold, I tell you.

Incidently, when that happened, I said I have to blog this. I’m a geek… or maybe a nerd. I’m going to make some tea, instead. And speaking of tea, I came across this website from the Diggnation podcast, The podcast for I have been drinking tea for years, but never delved into loose tea, tea that is not individually bagged like what you would normally find in the store. They seem to have many varieties to choose from. I’ll let you know when I do, but in the meantime, if you want to, check it out. Particularly if you like tea, but not exclusively to that.

Anyway, here is the link to Adagio Teas.

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