But are you Hittin’ in New york?

It was bound to happen. You knew it. I knew it. I was catching up on my recent podcasts (f you don’t know what they are shame on you. See me after class) when I came across this. I was listening to Former MTV VJ / Current Podfather (later, I promise) Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code #245 (don’t ask me why, but at least this part will make sense in a minute), when I heard about another entry into the Blogosphere (it’s a word). Now blogs come along every other second, so that’s nothing new. What’s so special about this is who it is. You know him, he’s been a pop icon, dancer, ganster rapper(not really), cartoon star, Television evangelist/minister?, Funky Headhunter, commercial personality, movie/TV star, and God knows what else. Didn’t see porn star, but that doesn’t mean it had or hadn’t happened, and that’s why we pray we don’t. Yes, you know who i’m talking about!

Ladies and Gentlemen (and lowlifes), M.C. Hammer is blogging now!!!! You HAVE to check it out. It appears he just started in February ’06, so he’s a little late to the party, but some would say the same for me. It seems to be a mixture of text and audio blogging and nicely done too I guess. There are even a couple of videos on the right side from google and Youtube of some dancing… yea. Probably him, but I haven’t had the nerve to check them out yet. Feel free and I’ll see you on the other side. Overall, it’s doesn’t seem to bad. No filler, seemingly no BS, no Pumps and a bump…(sorry, had to). The text part is basic “My day” posts with some pics. No big deal, but enlightening. I’ve only caught a piece of an audio post, but it sounded interesting. Sounded like he was talking about his vision for the blog. Cool. No word on any Special Generation, B Angie B, or Oaktown’s 357 sightings. I believe he is still in Oakland. Anyway, check it out(can’t touch this, truly!). It’s on Blogspot, which is curious to me. I guess MCHAMMER.COM was taken(nope) or he wanted to try this blogging thing out. Either way, could get interesting. Hey, where the HELL is the Gospel Kid, anyway? There’s only one thing left to say…

DON’T HURT ‘EM, HAMMER!!! (couldn’t resist)

Here’s the Link: MC Hammer Blog

Hammer, should you find this post, know that I mean no disrespect. I just had to TURN THIS MOTHER OUT(sorry)!

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