And I totally Forgot…

Where the hell is Too Bigg MC, Hammer’s Sidekick? I can’t believe I forgot him in my last post. wow. And does anyone remember the “Basement” video of “Let’s get it started”? It was the very first MC Hammer (as I know it). I remember seeing it on Video Soul (Now that is old) on BET. This was WAY back before BET became Viacom’s House N…. Anyway.

On another note, Check out this site:

Welcome to Honeysoul dot com!

It’s pretty interesting. It’s a blog with music videos, interviews, and music clips. Pretty well designed too. Filled with what looks to be a showcase for Soul (neo Soul some would say) artists. Looks to be done by a (sing it with me) “Southern Girl” who apparently LOVES music and is married. I can dig that. She has an interesting bio, which includes a couple of top 10 lists. One of which mentions the fact that her husband’s love saved her life. I encourage you to check it out. It’s really well done. I like her style (and musical tastes also). It’s the kind of site I wish I could have done. Oh, down at the very bottom of the page on the left, there is a player there with some good music playing. Good stuff. I’m almost jealous.

And before I forget again…PROPER!

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