I love music…

Any kind of music(ok, not ANY kind). Just ask the O-Jay’s. That should be obvious to you by now. What does that have to do with anything? Maybe nothing, maybe something. Ride with me anyway.

So you’re in the car rolling to work and unless you’ve packed some tunes, then the radio is on being mediocre, at best. It’s providing just enough entertainment to justify being on. You finallly get around the corner from your job just in enough time to be on time and the JAM!!! comes on. You turn it up, start singing, and maybe even commence to dancing while driving (you know who you are). By the time the song gets in good, you are in the parking lot and with any luck in a space. Now, here is the dilemma. Do you sit there and and let it ride knowing that you will be late if you do? Do you grab your stuff slowly while still jamming hoping that the song goes off or just suck it up knowing (or hoping) that you have it at home or that it will come on again (it never does until you have to be somewhere) later? Well, anyone who knows me has that answer already, but I just have to ask question.

How about this: you’re listening to a song. You like it, you’re getting really into it. You start thinking, “Damn, I’ve got to find this joint. This is nice.” You look to see the name of the track or if you’re listening to the radio, then you’re waiting for the end of the track to hear the name (which most times never happen). You get the name and artist and shortly there after remember that you not only know the song and artist, but HAVE said song and artist in your collection. It’s kind of sad when you think about it….

Oh, and as DL would say,”Don’t act like it’s me”!

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