Sample Moment #1

Welcome to what could be a new series on the spot. Its called “Sample moment” and if it’s not clear enough, it will be covering sampled songs, mosly rap and Hip Hop, but could be some others. We shall see. As with any other time I bring up some music, I will be using I will also probably be using and a few other places that might have what I need. I’m kind of lazy so this may or may not be as in depth as I’d like or have the info on.

Today’s sample moment came from my perusal of Pandora. I was listening to my Old school Hip Hop station (check on the left of this blog, if you please) when I came across the song “Wild Thang” by 2 Much. This is the first time that I’ve heard of this group (and song) and i’m fairly proficient in my Hip Hop. Why do you care? You might not, if you do, it’s because you’ve heard this song one way or another(i’m gonna find ya. I’m gonna git ya git ya git ya git ya…sorry about that). The song is best known from the song “Doin’ it” from LL Cool J’s 1995 album, “Mr. Smith“. That’s right, folks. you know the song now, don’t you?

Now, I have know idea when this the 2 Much track came out because I hadn’t found much concrete evidence except for this and this, but I am willing to bet any amount of money that this is the song that sparked LL’s. In fact, if I remember correctly, this little piece of info came out around the time that the song did. Plus, the fact that the girl rapping in LL’s song is the SAME one in the 2 much version. She’s not the same as the one in the video, but that’s a different story. One that I think LL went to court about because the rapper from the song, Le shaun, was not in said video because she was, I guess, “not up to specs” or something. Anyway, if you don’t believe me, listen to the link from two sentences ago, then pull out or copy of LL’ s (I know you have it) song or album to compare. I’ll wait.

Well, the story’s not done folks because there was more to this. I know a couple of you were thinkng that was it and was about to slip up. Hell to the Naww, Bobby! Well, I see one of you with your hand up thinking, “What about the other song’? Yes, Leshaun and 2 Much were NOT the first ones to use the beat for their song. That honor goes to one the argueably strangest people on earth. Or should I say, Strangé. That’s right, Model (I don’t know why), Actress(debatable), Singer (I got nothing) Grace Jones of Boomerang fame was the first one that I know to be a slave to that rhythm. Grace laced vocal on that now more famous beat in 1982 on the song, “My Jamaican Guy” from her album, “Living My Life“. I bet more than a couple of you know this song, too. You’re probably singing it now. And guess what, she wrote it too. Yes folks, this is where it all started. And LL was NOT going to have Grace Jones in the Doin’ it video either…. Well, he might, no he really wouldn’t.

So that’s it for this one. I thought it was going to be short, but the jokes on me. If you want to check out any this, click away on any of the link. Also, check out the album: Hip Hop essentials: Vol. 11. That’s where you can find 2 Much’s version as well as a couple of other nice ditty’s. Oh, and as a bonus, check out these albums:

Fat beats and Bra Straps: Hip Hop Classics and
Fat beats and Bra Straps: Battle Rhymes & Posse Cuts

Both are compilations of classic female Hip Hop artists(speaking of where are they nows). There’s some good material on these puppies. And if there are any suggestions for songs I should try to look up, hit me up. Don’t give me nothing too crazy and be warned, I know more about rap than say Rock or Country.

(UPDATE) Apparently, LeShaun and LL have possibly traded verses over a track more than once. I’ll have to check it out. Also, I would love to do this as a podcast, but there is no way in HELL that i’m fooling with the licenses agreements I would have to fool with to do so.

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