It’s about Damn time!

Now if anyone didn’t know, I am a little bit of a Sci Fi fan. I particularily like the show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It was a good show. It was also one of the first to hit DVD before the TV on DVD craze broke out. The problem was that it was like $100 a season when it came out. Other shows (of hour long length, especially) are a half or a third of the price. Hell, even the last Star Trek series, Enterprise, is cheap (in more ways than one). That’s crazy! Yea, I bought the first season, but that’s besides the point. I was thinking that the sales would drive the market and maybe bring the price down. I was dead wrong about the bringing down the price part. I hadn’t bought any more of them either, by the way. That might change because I just noticed the prices for this show, and I think other Star Trek shows, have gone down. Yippee. I don’t know why they finally did it….well that’s a lie, they probably realized that this price wasn’t going to fly in today’s market. So now I can finish my collection a little easier. Granted, I’ve gotten ahold most of the seven seasons and have seen then, but now I can have my own copy (WINK). I also just realized that I am probably the only one really caring about this news, but since you all love me, you wan to know anyway. Now, if you all want to chip in, or just buy them (seasons 2 – 7) for me, I won’t be upset at all. 🙂

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