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(* You know, because of Mother’s Day and all)

     Earlier today (Monday), I decided to call my Internet Service Provider (ISP), Bellsouth, to ask a question or two about bumping up my DSL speed. Keep in mind, I did say question only. Also keep in mind that Bellsouth’s website is not exactly forthcoming with a lot of pertinent info so don’t think I didn’t try it. That said, I’ve done about as much legwork as I felt that I could could have about this on occaision, so I just felt like calling to check a thing or two. Mainly whether or not I would have to get a new modem or schedule an appointment for them to come out. Actually, I wanted to know if Bellsouth had laid down some Fiber optic cable preparing to roll out really High speed DSL like some other company is sporadically doing. I know that they have been right off of my street digging and what not, but I didn’t ask what was going on. If Fiber had been put down, and was available,  they would have to come out and install it. I wish I could do it, but that calls for some new equipment like a new box next to my power meter and possible drilling and whatnot.

      Anyway, when I called I didn’t think that I would have to deal with a situation like this or this. I just found one thing completely funny. You would think it would be the “young” lady with the heavy (eastern not Native American) Indian accent going by the name, Erica Gimble(SP). You might think it would be that said woman, upon hearing my telephone number wrong twice, jumps right to the nicely prepared script with her finger on the mute button (that she did use) after I told her that I just wanted to ask a couple of questions, not order anything. Or maybe it was that she stayed right on the script after not really-kinda-sorta answering one out my three questions.  Perhaps it was the background chatter that clearly didn’t sound anywhere close to being near where I am locally.  Could have been the realization 0.5 seconds into the conversation that I should have hung up and tried another route (like pressing 2 to try to get someone from the service department before pressing 3 to change or inquire about my existing service).  Oh wait, it could have been the fact that after she kinda sort of did(n’t) answer my questions, she broke into the script about changing my  (lack of) Long Distance service. Who knows…

     Well, I am enjoying my new speed (yep, that was it), but it still doesn’t seem fast enough. I’m a geek at heart, there may not be a such thing as “fast enough”, but I think Fiber will be close if it ever rolls out here, assuming it hasn’t. There’s one more level up I didn’t get. See, if she had been good, she probably would have gotten me to get it.

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