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You know, I keep coming across this page every so often, and it never ceases to amuse me.

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And of course you have to join to see more of this, but that won’t happen. The artist’s name is Keith Knight, a brother once refered to as ‘the other African American cartoonist’ (at least from what I saw in an interview). The one being Aaron McGruder, of Boondocks fame (trust me, there are WAY more than these two). Keith is the self published author of The K-Chronicles and (th)ink comic strips and others. His strips are funny, usually tinged in politics, race, and satire, with Hip Hop influences for flavor. Simliar to the aforementioned Mcgruder. You may have seen some of his works on or other places. He apparently is also a rapper dealing in conscious rhymes, something we could use more of, really. I know that he has at least four or more books that i’ve been meaning to check out. I guess this a sign to check them out, huh. But instead of me regurgitating his bio, go read it for yourself and check the man out for yourself.

K-Chronicles – Bringing the “funny” back to the funny pages.

And here are a couple of other places where you can check out him and his work:

African American Literature Book Club (Great site, by the way!)

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