This rabbit’s DYNAMITE!

    Alright, so Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of my favorite movies to date. If you’ve ever heard of Monty Python and/or the Flying Circus, you know that this is classic British nutiness in all of it’s goodness. If you like that kind of thing, that is. I do, but i’m writing this so D’UH! Anywhoo, the basic story took King Arthur and his knights quest for the Holy Grail and blindfolded it, spun it around and ran it off a cliff. Then scooped it up, reshaped it with Lego’s and Lincoln Logs, blew it up (yes, with the Holy Hand Grenade of Anitoch), buried it with seeds, watered it, grew it into shrubbery, uprooted it, ground it up,  and used the fine powder from it for face paint.

     You know, this is going to open up a section on movies, so I will have to get on that. This may include an idea a friend of mine had that may come to fruition (Hi, Baby Jaguar!). Anyway, being that, I can’t resist when I hear or see something that reminds me of that movie. While I was working (read; not really, but I am AT work), I came across this on ThinkGeek:

I love ThinkGeek! They always have great Geek stuff. I wonder where do they get those wonderful toys. Now, if you are a fan of the movie, you know what these are. And you’re still reading this, possibly. For everyone else, assuming they lasted this long, the cute little rabbit these slippers represent played an intregral part of the movie….
Ok, that was a lie, but the part it showed up in was, and still is, funny to me. Don’t let the cuteness  fool you. Ths foul beast had sharp teeth and a bad temper. Let’s just say that this joker took down many a man and made one soil his armor. And now you can have a pair of Killer Rabbit Slippers of your very own. They are nice and plush looking, and could quite possibly be trained to go after an enemy if properly motivated. I doubt carrots or lettuce will do it. I would buy these, but I am afraid of them. But on the plus side, if got them, you could look like Val Kilmer in Real Genius! Or maybe not.

UPDATE: The person responsible for hiring the person writing this post has been sacked. (Sorry , couldn’t resist) Oh, just watch the movie, already.

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