New Music Lookout #3

I was looking in Sunday Best Buy circular the other day when I noticed a new album coming from an artist named Corrinne Bailey Rae. Since I hadn’t heard of her before and couldn’t tell what kind of stuff she did, I just figured her for some new jack and filed it away to check into later. Well, later came Thursday morning while I was talking to a Daywalker on the shift coming in to work. My co-worker said that she supposedly has a singing style like Norah Jones. He was asking me about her, which pulled her file up to be investigated. When I got home, I snooped around like Dre and didn’t find much. Ok, that’s not entirely true because what I found is enough to last me until I check out the album. I came across her Website and it has, like many other artist sites, music playing. And I must say the girl is kinda nice. At first it threw me off because I thought, judging by her voice, she was like 16 or 17. Turns out she is a 26 year old British singer whose been kinda hot over the pond for a little bit. Also, while I can see what my co-worker was talking about, she sounds more like Macy Gray without the raspiness. Incidently, this might be her second album? I’m not sure but I saw something like that in my investigation.

So here is your homework, check her out for yourself. I think you might like her if you hadn’t already heard of her.

Go for it:

The Official Site

Blogger’s Friend, Wikipedia

MSN Music

AOL Music (there is a link to a concert she did and her videos to the right)

Videos at Videocure (Check out ‘Like a Star’, it’s nice)

and just when I thought she and/or someone in her camp had sense, Myspace, for the junkies.

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