I’m starting to love this site. It’s called:

Woot : One Day, One Deal

That is exactly what it is. Every day at midnight, a new deal goes up on whatever. And there are some good deals, too! Always something different. Today as I write this, you can get 2 Logitech wireless Playstation 2 controllers for 20 bucks for yourself or the PS2 owner you know. I have one, they cost about $40… for ONE! These controllers do NOT work with Xbox or Xbox 360, let’s make that clear. I think the deal goes on until it sells out. I thought it was until the day is up but i’ve seen stuff that may still be buyable. I could be wrong, though. The catch, you have to have an account with the site and, unfortunately, I don’t know what that entails. I have heard of this site a while back, but wasn’t sure of what is going on with it. Now that i’ve been watching the site the past two weeks, i’m starting to get it.

Anyway, you can check the site each day, bookmark it definitely or subscribe to the RSS feed (if using Firefox, click on the little orange icon in the address bar and save it in your bookmarks). I don’t know which is better, the deal itself, the write up on it, or the podcast (at the top right) that is associated with it. The latter two being quite funny. Check it out for yourself. You might find a good deal in the process. What are you waiting for?

(EDIT) I just checked the FAQ (should have done that from the start). One item goes up at 12 midnight Central time(that’s 1 AM for us Eastern cats) and the go off sale at 11:59 Central time or when item sells out. And since everthing else has an entry, here is their wikipedia page.

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