Why, because I don’t feel like writing anything else yet

Alright, I know you’ve probably seen or heard of the video of Connie Chung singing (as it were) by now. If you hadn’t, guess what you’re in luck. I just some happen to come across it (like it wasn’t that easy to find).

But first, this classic commercial that I used to like:

Now, before you see this, I want to share something with you about this video i’ve noticed. No, it’s not that Connie can’t really sing. No, it’s not the Piccolo“Piano player” that people call a robot or the fact that it appears he wasn’t playing a damn thing. You know what it is? Maybe it’s just me, but Connie Chung’s kinda hot. AND she has a little ass on her, too. at first, i thought she was poking it out, but I was in error. I guess sitting behind a desk all these years is a bit misleading. Anyway, enjoy.

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