Blogger, Where the Hell did my last post go?

Alright, last night I checked my email and I had gotten a couple of nice comments from ILLaTV. One of which mentioned an error I had made on my last Sample Moment. I replied back and signed into Blogger to fix it. That done, I waited until it updated and I signed out. I had to sign back in because I wanted to copy the template so that I can try to make some changes. Something told me to look at my posts and lo and behold, the Sample moment was gone! I was pissed for about 10 seconds when I realized that I still had a copy in Performancing, the plugin I use to make posts with. I am glad I kept it too because i’m not trying to redo that again. So I will repost that after this, unfortunately without the comments (unless they happen to pop back in there). Stupid whatever the hell happened. And NO, I did not delete it, dammit!

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