Sample Moment #3 (the second time around)

Thanks to ILLaTV for the date correction.

Caught, now i’m in court
’cause I stole a beat.
This is a sampling sport.
But i’m givin’ it a new name.
What you hear is mine

     I’m sending this out to the one dem call (or at least I do call) ILLaTV. Proprietor of Some videos.

“Today’s topic Self Destruction,
it really ain’t the rap audience that’s buggin’.
it’s one or two……”

WAIT A MINUTE….That’s the wrong one.

     Alright, I got it now. Today’s moment is quite famous on a couple of front’s and quite slippery too.  but, i’m gonna give it to you like The Brat. The sample has been used by Teddy Riley and others, but it probably blossomed worldwide underneath the words:

“Ooooh, Justify my love.”

     That’s right, i’m talking about the uncredited backbone of Madonna’s 1990 hit single, ‘Justify My Love‘. The song, which I guess was written by Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Chavez, rode on top of a hard hitting and uncredited bassline that possibly saw the light of day two years earlier. And who and or what was sowed the seeds of this dance floor devastation? Would you believe me if I told that it came from a revolutionary source? Guess what, it did. It was none other than the Bomb Squad,  Public.. Public.. Public Enemy, and the Bass testing beat of ‘Security of the First World‘ from 1988’s Classic Material, ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back‘. Now that i’ve said it, I think all of you knew that. I mean, it’s not like the song came out as a single or anything, but I think this crowd was pretty much on it.

     So why tell it? Somebody might not have known. And speaking of not knowing, I didn’t know that the high beeping in the song was sample from a Casio wristwatch that Bomb Squad member Eric Sadler had. Go figure. Now comes the slippery part. I am not sure if P.E. was the first ones to use this beat. I know, I falling off my game, but bear with me. For all I know, they could have sampled it from James Brown’s Funky Drummer like a lot of other songs on Nation of Millions (and elsewhere). Being that i’ve heard the song hundreds of times, I don’t think so, but I don’t doubt it either. If you know, let ME know. Hey, I’m not perfect you know. My resources are limited, plus  P.E.’s song was done before Biz fucked it up for everyone, in which I thank him for, by the way. Why, because if it wasn’t for what happened to him, you wouldn’t get those nice “sampled from” statements in your liner notes. That’s the little booklet you might have inside your CD case, in case you didn’t know. I’m sure people are still trying to get away with chopping up a sample so much until it’s not recognizable and also trying to get out of paying royalties, but  hey, you can’t help that. Oh, did I mention that the song was uncredited in Madonna’s joint? Ok.

Anyway, that concludes this moment. Hit me up in the comments or email. Do you like it, don’t like it?  Bored now? Got a request? Holla!

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