Because I don’t put myself out here enough…*

I figure since I’m sitting here perusing the tubes, I just thought I’d do something that I’ve been threatening to do for a while now. I used to do a little writing in my day (read: High School and part of College), and I guess now i’m going to share a couple. Let it be known that I don’t, or ever have, considered myself a good writer but I wasn’t too bad so I’ve heard. After all, you are your own worse critic. This kind of started back when I asked for some written works a while back. Needless to say, I got no responses. Cool, ’cause I don’t get get upset. But what I guess I should have done was made the first step….and here it is…. And I’m stalling………

um, yeah…..

Alright, nuff BS, here’s the first one.

Joyful Noise

If you die, I don’t care.
When they bury you,
I ask where so I can salt the earth
with tears and painful memories of our turbulent past.
At last, I can find the closure
I have sought since we met.
Close the door on the nightmares
I got at night and in my heart.
Release the cares I suppressed for your ignorance.
No longer thrust, am I into melancholy
of giving a fuck and getting it too.

Okay, clearly the uplifting one of the group. Note the syrupy goodness dripping off of the words. I used to think I wrote better when I was upset. then again, that was the main time stuff came to me. go figure. Moving on… I’ll let you guess the name of this one, and you don’t even need Letterman to do so.







Eternal (in lonely hearts)

Hmm, I’m starting to feel a little something. What could it be?Oh I don’t know, horrified, maybe?
Don’t worry, i’m still here. Funny though, sometimes, I feel like part of that one for some reason. Alright, last one…

You see my heart and soul,
but not my face.
You feel my love and desire,
but not my touch.
Even so much yet so little is done
in a single moment.
The same as galaxies born and die,
give and take.
In a place and time that is here and gone.
Just like if you could see me for flesh
and still want me the same as dying with me,
collides our universes into a what now.
Would you still see me?
Is there a reclamation of universal boundaries?
Or as earth and water mix into near inseparable
not neither being the same or different just
by life for life remanently
conceived each time over until an essential return.

Don’t worry, I don’t know what it meant it either. It was done on 12/25/99, which could mean anything.Now before I go hide my head forever, I have a question. Would you be surprised if I told you that 2 out of those three poems were about one person? I’m not saying that they are, mind you.
Don’t say I never gave you anything. And oh yeah, never speak of this again! I’m going to hide now.

*the views expressed in this post are the thoughts of the poster and owner of this blog(me). I can write anything I like as you might see in a post or two. These views were not necessarily thought out but put out anyway because it’s like that sometimes. Don’t like it, move on. Note that there is a CC in e-f-f-e-c-t for the works g-i-v-e-n and, as such, are govern by said CC. The fact that today is my Birthday has no bearing on what was posted. Any recreation of said works, with the exception for commercial means, is fine if permission is properly asked for. (Hi Daneita). Any use for commercial means will result in an “did you fucking read this?!!?” by the owner. Torohn, there is your F-bomb. If you’ve read this far, you are a better person than me. All rights reserved.

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