Sometimes, you just have to watch people

So la couple of weeks ago, my co-worker mentioned something about googling people. I don’t know HOW we got started on this, by the way, but he told me that he has googed a lot of people in our department. He said he has seen my name (which is also floating around this site) floating around as well as a couple of other people here. I found this kind of funny at first because having googled myself for whatever reason resulted in more listings for people with the same name as me more than me. The one that stood out is the very first one because if I had a personal website, that is the exact name I would make it and that’s funny to me. Anyway, I wasn’t too worried about him finding this page because A) I have rarely used anyone’s real name without permission or reason and B) Google keeps Blogger blog searches outside of the main area.  I could be wrong, though. I didn’t see but one entry for me and it wasn’t this blog. Now looking specifically for this blog is a different matter.

Anyway, back to the subject, while I thought it was funny that my co-worker was googling people, it made me start to watch him more than I care to. It also brought up the question of wondering how often people do things like that and for what reason. As a matter of fact, to what extent do people search for info on others. Now, I know, I’ve searched for myself once or twice and I also know that people do vanity searches, or feeds,  on themselves (don’t lie) to see who is mentioning or linking to them. What I find funny is that people search out info on other for craziness like prospective dates or whatnot. Don’t get me wrong, I suppose there is a need to check people out, but what if the info that is freely available out on the internet is wrong? What if whoever put the stuff out there was spiteful or a stalker? And you know it’s so easy to find info about people. Hell, employers are searching potential employees now. Suppose you are trying to get a corporate job and and you run a site called and you are linked to it. You can cancel that interview. And since i’m already way off the subject, let me just say that this should not be taken as an alarm just that if you want not, you’ll care not. Take that.

Now that i’ve completely forgotten why I originally posted this, I’ll leave it to you to figure out what I’m saying. And this, folks, is why I try to reign it sooner than I end up doing.

Oh wait:

1) watch your co-workers. you may not think they are not savvy at internet stuff but even
a little info is dangerous.

2) If you are the least bit concerned that someone may google or search you, don’t put it
out there. If you don’t care, put it in the air!

3) If you think that people won’t throw lies about you on the net, then you are fooling yourself. I know of a co-worker who has a Myspace account that he knows nothing about (that I know of). He would want to murder someone if he did.

4) If you don’t worry about conseuences and repercussions, see #2.

5) Don’t go on and on, unless you are Erykah Badu, on a post that you have clearly lost the train of thought on. And don’t blog at work if you have to watch the popcorn. That was for myself. Failed it!

Incidently, upon cheking Technorati, I noticed that I was being linked to two linked sites that I will have to check out a bit. They sound like cool sites, one with an even more interesing name. I’m flattered that I even made the Blogroll. I’ve only seen that on my home girl, The L‘s site. Anyway, more on that later.

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