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I mentioned last post about a deal for Verizon wireless customers (or any interested parties therein) for the Treo 700 at what ended up to be a reduced price with 2 year (with data) plan. I also mentioned that there was the possibility of new Treos coming out real soon. This has partially been confirmed here:

Treo Nitro and Treo Lennon coming to Cingular in October – Engadget Mobile

Why I say partially is because these Treos are upgrades to the already existing 700s. Plus, these are for Cingular and I’ve already mentioned the Sprint one. T-mobile and Vodaphone are getting one and since there was alledged to be 4 announced, then last one should be for Verizon. Hence the deal previously mentioned. Basically, they will have more usable memory plus no antenna like the ones that are out do. It has been said that some current 700 power users aren’t going to like the fact that there will be a new one with more usable memory than they have, but hey, that’s what you kinda get for early adoption. But there is a possiblity that might be worth checking out.

On the Palm website in the Treo store, there is a page where you can find out about trading up your Treo to a new one:

Treo Store: Palm Trade in Program

I’ve been thinking about this a second. I’m interested in getting a Treo, but I’m torn about waiting to see when a new one would come out for Verizon or grabbing the current one for a reduced price. So here’s my thinking: Suppose you took advantage of the previously mentioned rebate and got a Treo. Waited a few months until after the new Treo comes out on Verizon (if you were already a customer), then buy it from Palm’s website, which you would have to do to for the trade in, then trade in your old one for whatever the value is on it. It could possibly still work out better than just waiting and buying the brand new one. The only stumbling blocks are 1) There is no guarantee that you will get that much for your trade in but you can get a quote to see what you will get. 2) I’m not sure what Verizon’s (or any carrier’s) policy on changing phones are. I know most places say that you can get a new phone very two years if you re-up with them. I’ve also heard of people buying new phones every 6 months or so. I have a cousin who does that and barely knows how to use the one she has.

All in all, it’s a curiosity I’m working on. I have until September 10th to decide what I am going to do. Until then, I’m thinking about it. By the way, the trade in program through Palm looks as though it’s been in place for a while and can be used at any time in case any of you Treo users want to upgrade. You know who you are!

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