New addition to the family

Ladies and Gentlemen…and lowlifes,

    I would like to introduce you to a new member of the family who’s only over a week old. Trying to be gentle but I know there will be some problems as it grows older. Anyway, I would like to introduce…..

My wife’s new laptop…. What? What did you think it was?

Anyway, nice, isn’t it?

It’s a Gateway MK series (because I can’t remember the model even if I THOUGHT you’d care).
2.0Ghz processor, 100GB hard drive with XP Media Center Edition. That last last part aside, it a good computer. It also means 3 things of importance:

1) I have Tech Support duty on another computer (no complaint).

2) My wife has a faster computer than I do which means…

3) I am scrambling to build me a new computer because the geek in me demands that there is no way in HELL that number 2 should be the case!

All she does is surf the net and some word processing. The reason why I broke down for it was so that she could get off of mine. Selfish? I don’t think so. At any case, she’s loving it, and I am a case and some ram away from another system. Then i’m another system away from building a new for myself. The system i’m gathering parts for now is going to be a place for us to store our files, which means i’m still on the old computer now. The one that the laptop is replacing will probably be taken out back and shot. Yep, it was just that old.

Anyway, I can’t wait until I can build me a new system. I pretty much know what I want, but I don’t have the money to do it. That part sucks. But when it’s on, it will be on!

Now that i’ve geeked out, I feel a bit better. I now return you to your other randomness.

This geek out was unofficially sponsored by:

Go here for a good buy. The Holidays are coming you know….

Time off – and it feels so good

Right now, I should be at work but I took the week off. Today (thursday), starts my 7 days off. This means that when it’s all said and done, I will have been off for 2 weeks. I’m not bragging at all, because in 4 weeks, I will have to work 7 straight days. Keep in mind that I work 12 hours a night. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know, but people can’t seem to keep my schedule straight (sometimes a good thing). Plus, I’ve been asked a couple of times if my schedule was legal. I am here to say, yes.

     Normal people, that means day walkers, supposedly work 5 days at 8 hours for 40 hours. I say supposedly because I know some of you all aren’t actually working for 8 hours (as you are reading this now). That’s alright, love for coming by. I, on the other hand, work 3 days a week (Mondays – Wednesdays) at the aforementioned 12 hours a night. Yes, I did say night again. When I work weekends (Thursdays – Sundays), I can (and usually do) work up to 4 days at the same 12 hours.

Why is this legal? If you’ve been keeping score, I am working the legal 40 hours max. Ok, Technically, I’m working 36 hours during the week, but that’s another issue. On weekends, 48 hours unless I take a day off. As you may know, any time over 40 is overtime. Hence why I work all weekend. This little setup allows me to have time off unlike “normal” folk, who onlyget 2 days off a week. Again, not bragging. The only time I really need to take off is when I max out my leave time (which happens quite often), like now. That’s why I took the week off.

Again, why am I telling you this? Who knows, this only exciting to my HR people and THEY don’t care, I wager. Someone did ask…. plus it give me the opportunity to do something and rationalize it.
What is that, you ask? Well, I made up a Google calendar of my work schedule (just to play with it). I, of course, also tried the previously mentioned Google Gadget (or widget if you know it by those) for said calendar and may post it hear on the site. For know, I will just put it in this post. Those who care can check it out.

     Incidently, You will have noticed that I tend to post around the time of Hell Week (the 7 days straight I have to work). Why, it helps keep me sane. Those who think I have a good schedule may not realize that just like those in a regular 9 to 5, I have to deal with the same people every night. Some of you don’t like doing it for 8 hours. Don’t lie, I read your blogs. It doesn’t sound like it averages out, but it does.


Now, that i’ve had a couple days, maybe i’ll have some more frequent postings….doubt it.

Harness the POWER of Google on your site!

From the pages of the web productivity site, Lifehacker, comes this story.

Google Gadgets open for all web pages – Lifehacker

That’s right you, yes you website slash blogger, can add even more stuff to your site(s). Not from any old place, oh no, but from the mighty Google empire! Games, news, weather, horoscopes, calendar, it’s all there, plus more! And you, yes you, can select any number of “gadgets” (as it’s being referred to) to compliment pimp out your already off the hook well populated website or blog to the highest of pimptivity. This is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s Google,  It’s you. It’s Google with you making as much whoopie as you can finally stand! How can you do this? Check the link above…if you dare!

The views expressed in this post are not in any way sarcastic, but meant to be slightly humorous, though the content is real. If, said post was taken out of context (read: someone thought I was trippin’), please proceed to get a life and laugh a little. Or, just dont get it because it might not have been as funny as I believe it to be. This really is cool. All right now. I’m ready to go home and i’m threatening to fire up MSN and play UNO, which is far less distracting than what I am doing as opposed to what i’m doing now.

Almost There…

Tonight will be the last night of me working 8 straight days. I had a post going while at work last night, but it wasn’t meant to be. Anyway, Until I get off of this train,I leave you with these:

For all of you TV fanatics out there who don’t want to miss any show, you might want to invest in one of these. I don’t watch much TV, but am looking forward to catching up to a couple, Battlestar Galactica, Three seasons deep and i’ve only seen four shows of the first season, and The Boondocks, which should be starting up soon.

Now, somebody please tell me what’s up with Monica? She has a new album that just dropped yesterday. What i’m on about is her album cover. What is she thinking? I thought she of all people wouldn’t sell herself out like that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, but damn, it doesn’t take that to sell a record. I was talking to my friend Daneita (Hi Baby Jaguar) last night and she thinks it’s because Janet had done it. I kinda agree except that this was going on before Janet came back on the scene. Then again, while this is no indication of her character, she’s been reported to liking the thugs. Plus, she does have a child. Maybe she thought she had to do that to let it be known that she’s still sexy……ok. Kinda like Brandy did, coincidently. News flash people, if you are a singer, the thing that should matters most is your voice. Now, if she started doing porn, i’d have to look for that, then that’s a different story. Not that the cover is pornographic, nor do I have anything against porn (well good porn anyway). I just think it wasn’t necessary for someone with her voice. Speaking of porn, I’ve been wanting to go to the adult shop, maybe I will this weekend….for research purposes. What, i’m an adult!

Um, yea, discuss. I’ll holla.

One more night!!