Almost There…

Tonight will be the last night of me working 8 straight days. I had a post going while at work last night, but it wasn’t meant to be. Anyway, Until I get off of this train,I leave you with these:

For all of you TV fanatics out there who don’t want to miss any show, you might want to invest in one of these. I don’t watch much TV, but am looking forward to catching up to a couple, Battlestar Galactica, Three seasons deep and i’ve only seen four shows of the first season, and The Boondocks, which should be starting up soon.

Now, somebody please tell me what’s up with Monica? She has a new album that just dropped yesterday. What i’m on about is her album cover. What is she thinking? I thought she of all people wouldn’t sell herself out like that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, but damn, it doesn’t take that to sell a record. I was talking to my friend Daneita (Hi Baby Jaguar) last night and she thinks it’s because Janet had done it. I kinda agree except that this was going on before Janet came back on the scene. Then again, while this is no indication of her character, she’s been reported to liking the thugs. Plus, she does have a child. Maybe she thought she had to do that to let it be known that she’s still sexy……ok. Kinda like Brandy did, coincidently. News flash people, if you are a singer, the thing that should matters most is your voice. Now, if she started doing porn, i’d have to look for that, then that’s a different story. Not that the cover is pornographic, nor do I have anything against porn (well good porn anyway). I just think it wasn’t necessary for someone with her voice. Speaking of porn, I’ve been wanting to go to the adult shop, maybe I will this weekend….for research purposes. What, i’m an adult!

Um, yea, discuss. I’ll holla.

One more night!!

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