Harness the POWER of Google on your site!

From the pages of the web productivity site, Lifehacker, comes this story.

Google Gadgets open for all web pages – Lifehacker

That’s right you, yes you website slash blogger, can add even more stuff to your site(s). Not from any old place, oh no, but from the mighty Google empire! Games, news, weather, horoscopes, calendar, it’s all there, plus more! And you, yes you, can select any number of “gadgets” (as it’s being referred to) to compliment pimp out your already off the hook well populated website or blog to the highest of pimptivity. This is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s Google,  It’s you. It’s Google with you making as much whoopie as you can finally stand! How can you do this? Check the link above…if you dare!

The views expressed in this post are not in any way sarcastic, but meant to be slightly humorous, though the content is real. If, said post was taken out of context (read: someone thought I was trippin’), please proceed to get a life and laugh a little. Or, just dont get it because it might not have been as funny as I believe it to be. This really is cool. All right now. I’m ready to go home and i’m threatening to fire up MSN and play UNO, which is far less distracting than what I am doing as opposed to what i’m doing now.

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