Time off – and it feels so good

Right now, I should be at work but I took the week off. Today (thursday), starts my 7 days off. This means that when it’s all said and done, I will have been off for 2 weeks. I’m not bragging at all, because in 4 weeks, I will have to work 7 straight days. Keep in mind that I work 12 hours a night. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know, but people can’t seem to keep my schedule straight (sometimes a good thing). Plus, I’ve been asked a couple of times if my schedule was legal. I am here to say, yes.

     Normal people, that means day walkers, supposedly work 5 days at 8 hours for 40 hours. I say supposedly because I know some of you all aren’t actually working for 8 hours (as you are reading this now). That’s alright, love for coming by. I, on the other hand, work 3 days a week (Mondays – Wednesdays) at the aforementioned 12 hours a night. Yes, I did say night again. When I work weekends (Thursdays – Sundays), I can (and usually do) work up to 4 days at the same 12 hours.

Why is this legal? If you’ve been keeping score, I am working the legal 40 hours max. Ok, Technically, I’m working 36 hours during the week, but that’s another issue. On weekends, 48 hours unless I take a day off. As you may know, any time over 40 is overtime. Hence why I work all weekend. This little setup allows me to have time off unlike “normal” folk, who onlyget 2 days off a week. Again, not bragging. The only time I really need to take off is when I max out my leave time (which happens quite often), like now. That’s why I took the week off.

Again, why am I telling you this? Who knows, this only exciting to my HR people and THEY don’t care, I wager. Someone did ask…. plus it give me the opportunity to do something and rationalize it.
What is that, you ask? Well, I made up a Google calendar of my work schedule (just to play with it). I, of course, also tried the previously mentioned Google Gadget (or widget if you know it by those) for said calendar and may post it hear on the site. For know, I will just put it in this post. Those who care can check it out.

     Incidently, You will have noticed that I tend to post around the time of Hell Week (the 7 days straight I have to work). Why, it helps keep me sane. Those who think I have a good schedule may not realize that just like those in a regular 9 to 5, I have to deal with the same people every night. Some of you don’t like doing it for 8 hours. Don’t lie, I read your blogs. It doesn’t sound like it averages out, but it does.


Now, that i’ve had a couple days, maybe i’ll have some more frequent postings….doubt it.

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