Attention all shoppers….

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means….

Ok, yea, you’ll wish you hadn’t had that last mound of stuffing, but besides that it’s one week away from the busiest shopping day of the year. The time of year stores LOVE because they will be giving thanks to you for giving them all of your money for the sake of Christmas. You know, when you CLAIM to be Christmas shopping for the family when you are really just getting stuff for yourself (selfish ass). For those of you crazy enough to want to go out and shop during that day, I know you will want a leg up on all of the sales going on for Black Friday. Wait a minute, who came UP with that stupid name anyway and why is it BLACK Friday……..oh!!

Anyway, how will you get a heads up on the sales when the paper with those sales won’t come out until Thanksgiving (sometimes they start advertising the Sunday before)? You are in luck, there are a couple of site that will help you in this time of greed need.

They are:

and Fat

Now covers just that day. It usually has all of the sales that are going to be had on Black Friday at least a week in advance. Which is why i’m telling you about it now. Usually when a store puts it out, they post it. Well, Except this year for Best Buy, who made them take theirs down this year. I don’t know how long they have been doing this, but I found out about them a couple of years ago.

Fat Wallet, I believe, works all year round. They have been around for a while and they pretty much sniff out all of the deals and coupons around the web from places and posts them up on their site. I haven’t used it much, but I have heard of it. It might ask you to sign up, but it appears that you don’t have to in order to take advantage of what is posted.

And there you go. consume until your hearts content. Oh, I want to give up a bonus site that also works all year. It’s called Their thing is: “One day one deal”. Every day they have a new or refurbished item, mostly of a tech related nature, on sale. Once the day is over, the deal is over. Sometimes (like right now when i’m writing this), the will have what is called a Woot-off! That is a day or two when they put something up on the site until it sells out and then put up another item. As I said, that goes on for a day of two and sometimes there is some good stuff that comes up. They even have a nice little funny podcast to go along with the item. The write ups on the items are amusing, too.

Anyway, go check that stuff out if you are so inclined. I just want my 10% commission of front. Leave it at the door on your way out. And no plug nickels either, ya cheapskates!


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Sample Moment inspirations

Outside of lyrics and flow, what I love about Hip Hop (and some Rap) is the music. Hip Hop was pretty much built on the foundation of sampled music. It has grown (somewhat) from that, but it still holds on to that foundation quite closely. Hell, some people have made their so called “fame” from “sampling” popular songs and calling it theirs. All they did was take a popular song, loop it and call it production, which is totally BULLSHIT and yet people praise their stupid asses for it. YEA, PUFFY, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU!

(*Ahem*) As I said, sampling is a Hip Hop staple. Now, what I really love is that every now and then, I would come across the original song that was sampled. I still look for them so that I can add them to my collection. I love it because if you think about it, if you like the beat of a song that has a sample of another song, why would you not like the original? Ok, I could probably answer that myself, but I choose not to. It’s a flimsy reason anyway. Right, so about a year or two ago, I came across a huge list of songs that had been sampled and for them most part, I have found most of them. Some are still hard to find because either whoever used them chopped them up to unrecognizable lengths, the liner notes of the album aren’t clear or even mention it (Madonna – “Justify my Love” for example), or it came out before the Biz Markie incident.

So, when after I started blogging (which reminds me of something*), I figure I could do a little something something to spread the word on the original sampled material. That is where the Sample Moment posts came from. I would LOVE to do it in audio form, but I would also love NOT to get sued for doing so. But who knows, I may be able to cobble something together one day and put it out. We’ll see. For the time being, check out this post from the Soulcrates blog ran by GrantLove (no relation):


The post is from earlier this year and If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that he’d found the same list or been in my hard drive. 🙂 Make sure you click the link at the bottom of the post to listen to the songs. I guarantee that you will recognize more than half the list off the bat. LOVE IT!


* – This reminded me of the fact that as of this past October, I have been blogging for a year now. It totally slipped my mind. It’s a bit late to do something about that, but maybe for my 100th post. What is it with 100 being a milestone for blogging anyway? What is this, TV?

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And now that my head has been gassed up…

     You know, I think what I originally wrote might have be nicer than what i’m posting now, but what can you do (see bottom). Anyway, a while ago, I mentioned a nice music blog that I said I would check out and write about.  Actually, it was two sites, NetInfoWeb 2.0 “Tracking the sites, Tracking the Soul ” and RIBS: Rhythms in Black Satin, an MP3blog, ran by the MAN TGrundy. I can’t seem to find the post that I mentioned them in, but go with me on this. Maybe if I would get off of my ass, I would finish the post properly (and I will. it’s a great site). I will say right now that RIBS has some great audio mixes (and the playlists for them) and that you should go check them out. Anyway, i’ve been checking the site out and commenting on a couple posts here and there. I went there earlier tonight and saw that I got a nice post written about me. Well, it’s not really about me, but a post I did fairly recently.  How about this, you go check his post and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

NetInfoWeb 2.0 » Roddykat… Working Hard For The Money!

     Now, I thought it was nice and and I quite possibly blushed when I saw it… well, you know, being brown and a man, it doesn’t happen often. Actually, this reminded me of something that i’ve had on the back burner for a while now. I may try to dig some stuff out and post them. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, i’ve been mentioned in other’s post before (not that i’m anybody), but this took it to another level for me. So once again, I will say thanks to tgrundy for the post and I can’t wait for the mix!


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