And now that my head has been gassed up…

     You know, I think what I originally wrote might have be nicer than what i’m posting now, but what can you do (see bottom). Anyway, a while ago, I mentioned a nice music blog that I said I would check out and write about.  Actually, it was two sites, NetInfoWeb 2.0 “Tracking the sites, Tracking the Soul ” and RIBS: Rhythms in Black Satin, an MP3blog, ran by the MAN TGrundy. I can’t seem to find the post that I mentioned them in, but go with me on this. Maybe if I would get off of my ass, I would finish the post properly (and I will. it’s a great site). I will say right now that RIBS has some great audio mixes (and the playlists for them) and that you should go check them out. Anyway, i’ve been checking the site out and commenting on a couple posts here and there. I went there earlier tonight and saw that I got a nice post written about me. Well, it’s not really about me, but a post I did fairly recently.  How about this, you go check his post and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

NetInfoWeb 2.0 » Roddykat… Working Hard For The Money!

     Now, I thought it was nice and and I quite possibly blushed when I saw it… well, you know, being brown and a man, it doesn’t happen often. Actually, this reminded me of something that i’ve had on the back burner for a while now. I may try to dig some stuff out and post them. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, i’ve been mentioned in other’s post before (not that i’m anybody), but this took it to another level for me. So once again, I will say thanks to tgrundy for the post and I can’t wait for the mix!


Performancing Tip(s): 1) Save early, save often. Pretend you are in Microsoft Word and fear a crash. It does happen. 2) Unless you are 200% confident in it’s delivery, don’t clear the post until after it’s published. Performancing is pretty good about letting you know if it wen through or not, but why risk it (unless you did #1). Firefox could possibly crash and not recover you post (don’t know if the new version works for running extensions). The last tip is mainly for Blogger users because I can’t tell you how many times i’ve posted something only and it not be there or worse. Oh wait, yes I can, it’s about 5.

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