Musical orgy?? and other tidbits

Before I get into the actual post, I wanna call to you attention some things I just ran across. This might end up being a long post because it’s two in one. The second part has been held on to for a while and I’d figured i’d just throw it out now. So……

First off, I‘ve mentioned this before, but now it’s official. By the time you read this the new X-clan should be out. Go cop that! Here is a link from Honeysoul.com (where there are other previews) or you can go straight to MP3.com and stream it or X-Clan’s site. Makes no difference to me, just go.

Second, 9th Wonder is no longer with NC’s own Little Brother. The group is also trying to get away from their label. Read on that here. Why does this kind of remind me of the way that Slum Village was going? I can imagine how this went down being that the group didn’t seem to be getting as much spotlight as 9th Wonder’s production. We’ll see how the sound of the group comes out. It sounds promising with the producers they have on tap, but 9th’s sound just put them out there.

Finally, the Beastie Boys AND the Wu-tang Clan are coming out with new albums. The latter with a tribute to ODB. It just don’t stop and I, for one, am glad.

Now that that is out of the way, on to the post. It is music related….sort of. I dedicate it to The Mistress, Divine Lavender, and Missy. Don’t ask my why, just hope no one gets offended.

P.S. I did warn you, so if you need a break, do so and come back.


Who says sex and tech don’t mix. There are many examples of this, but I will just touch on these right now. Normally, I don’t talk sex or toys in this spot and there is just one thing I have to say about that. It’s about DAMN time I did. Hell, it’s the only thing I hadn’t covered around here and outside of tech, it’s my favorite subject. I come across stuff all the time, but never mention them.

Anyway, ladies, do you like music? Do you like to have a little “me time” while listening to some? Sure, you can grab a rabbit, turn on the radio and have at it but why stop there? Why not have something for that night out or long trips? Yes, friends, we are talking about music (or voice) activated vibrators. Plug in your favorite music playing apparatus, then plug the device on or in to yourself and turn on all parties involved. Now, since I don’t know of anyone who has tried these, nor do I know of any guinea pigs who would allow me to tape them using them test any of these out for me (well maybe I know one).
If you are looking, these are for you.

First up:

iBuzz – the music activated iPod sex toy


(UPDATE) I see there is now an IBuzz Two on the market. Now you can share. REALLY. 🙂 And here is some video!

Next: The Audi-oh! I love that name, I tell you. Here is a description from Gizmodo.

Gizmodo – click on through.


But wait, there’s more. Well, at least one more.

Last, for now, is the OhMiBod. This joint looks like a tampon, no two ways about it. The scroll wheel on the Ipod controls the vibration.

OhMiBod Music Powered Vibrator – iPod vibrator, mp3 vibrator , sex toy, vibrator …

You know, I shouldn’t even have to say much more. These items kind of speak for themselves.
Need help with a playlist? No, you don’t, but here are some suggestions:

“Get it Up” by The Time
“Oops” by Tweet
“Come”, “Insatiable”, “Get Off” or any number of other songs by Prince
“I Touch Myself” by T-Boz or any number of people. Or, as a co-worker of mine suggested, “Start me up” by The Rolling Stones.
“How can I ease the pain” – Lisa Fischer (the high note near the end should be something.)

Actually, i’d like to see TGrundy or Grantlove hook something up for this. Now, that I think about, I probably could too. I’m sure, though, that the lucky person using these devices could come up with suitable playlist for their experience. If anyone does try any of these, PLEASE let me know! better still, give me your suggestions for songs. I really want to know what you’d use (or want someone to use).

It’s the perfect gift for those who like to come on the go…without going too far.

Keep track of your branches

Do you remember that night you went to the club with your people and got clowned because you saw old Aunt Ruthie in the middle of the dance floor [Insert current dance craze]? You know when you ran into that fine ass person on the way out that you saw on the way in? How you both chatted away over drinks in the deepest darkest corner of the club. You had your head down the whole time and they though it was funny. You started getting to know each other. They were looking finer and finer the more you talked. The jam came on and you got up to dance (right near the table so that you wouldn’t run into Aunt Ruthie or your people). You started grindin’ really close even though it was a fast song playing at the time. Then you heard ‘Sexual Healing’ over the sound system (when it was really playing ‘Smack my Bitch up’). So you decided to invite them back to your place, you know, because it’s a little less crowded and noisy. Well, that and you thought you saw Aunt Ruthie heading your way. They agree after you say, ‘I don’t normally do this”. You creep out the club real fast, find your car, and head for some head to the crib. The night ends with some toe curling sex on your overturned couch.

You wake up in the afternoon to the phone. It’s your mom asking why aren’t at the family reunion that started 2 hours ago. You also look around and see that your late night conquest has flown the coop. Shit, that turned out better than you expected. You don’t even remember their name. so you tell your mom you’re on way, rush the shower, get dressed, and roll out. And then you get there. People are eating, most are drunk, and the music is loud kinda like last night, eh? You try not to notice that Aunt Ruthie is still in the same clothes as last and is still dancing away. Pretty spry for 82 years old, but that see through mini skirt and matching top, ick. Still embarrassing, though. You grab a plate in between hugs and finger pulls. Junebug still can’t get right and you refuse to do the shufflebutt like you did when you were little. Uncle Wally still preaching but makes the best whiskey in the country. Secret ingredient, Tequila, and you always wondered what that car that sat in his yard was for. Pee Wee still smells and “Aunt” floyd is still with Uncle Jimmy. There goes Aunt Frida cheating at Spades again and arguing like she didn’t to Uncle Junior. She’s at the point where she’s about to take her blade out cut him….again. You hold your head down and keep asking yourself why do you keep coming to these things.

Anyway, as you mumble to yourself and after Bug asks you for $5…again (He’ll pay you back. He promises…again), your mom taps you on the shoulder. She wants you to say hey to cousin Jenny, the second cousin that haven’t seen since you two used to bathe together as babies. You don’t remember what happens next because you fainted….

Well now, in between therapy sessions, you can keep track of your whole sordid family tree with the website, Geni.com. It’s free and seemingly easy to use. You just start putting in your particular info (you, mom, dad, other mom i’m not sure of) and the branches of family that you know of and keep going. You get a temp password emailed to you at the time and then when you login the first time, you can make a permanent one. You can even put in email address that can be used to invite other family members to fill in spots that you didn’t seem to figure out in time. So supposedly only your family will see your tree. Granted, it is said not to be a professional tool so you won’t be going all Alex Hailey all of a sudden, but it can be a cool way to start going about it. Below is a link to where I found out about it. It should be noted that the site is in beta, which means it’s got miles to go before it can walk. But then again, Google has stuff that is in perpetual beta and is floating about.

Sorry, I wasn’t able to tell you about it before the reunion, but you might have still not known better (or cared). Try it out still and stay away from next year’s reunion. Here’s an article from where I found out about it.

Webware.com – Geni: Finally, Genealogy made easy

1st Week o Hell in 07 is ova…

Random song(s) of the moment

Operation Lockdown – Helter Skelter

Portuguese Love – Teena Marie

Bitter – Meshell N’degéocello (whole album)

It’s been a long week (from last Thursday till today). I had to work 7 straight and at that, had to deal with my co-worker who just got back from a 3 week vacation. He made me sick, literally (and figuratively at times), because a couple of days in he got sick from the change of weather and passed it to me (Bastard!) Folks, if someone around you is sick and tries to hand you something and then tells you that you might want to wipe said item off because they either sneezed on or around it (and wiped their nose around it and not hands their fucking hands), they deserve their ass beat! And the fool told me this after he gave it to me. Next day (Tuesday), i’m sick. And I won’t get into the slack shit he’s been outside of that. Oh well, reviews come up in a few months and i’m his supervisor. I have no reason to be upset.

Anyway, it’s over and i’m glad. Not much else going on except that there is a new post at my oither blog I See Stupid People. L and I hadn’t really been doing too much with it and there is ALWAYS something stupid going on. Check it out, it’s a crazy one.

I’ve noticed that some blogs have dried up recently, but at least there are a couple that hadn’t let me down. I’m not calling people out because I know people get busy or don’t have much to say. Me? I’m just sporadic. I could go whole weeks without a post to 2 and 3 posts a day. I’m just missing some people, that’s all. Anyway, I need some sleep. I’m out.


Artist lookout

This is for all of you American Idol fans. The next time you watch, pay attention to the background singers. There’s one you should aware of (probably all of them are better than most of the clowns in front. I don’t watch the show though.) Her name is Sy Smith. She’s pretty much been everywhere. You can hear her song, “Welcome to Syberspace” can be heard on the beginning of the Neo Soul Cafe audio podcasts. She on Myspace, so you junkies might have run across her music or her video, “Fa Sho”. She sung the title song for the show Soul Food with Al green. She’s also sung on the shows Ally Mcbeal and the aforementioned American Idol. She’s touring all over the place and has even performed in a recent Eric Jerome Dickey book (of which I cannot remember the name of). She’s done backup for a bunch of people including Me’shell N’degeocello (“Bitter” top 10 album easily, personally). Kinda busy, she is.

She’s been around for a few years now so you might have run across her work one way or another. If you haven’t get to know her a little better. She’s had two albums and you can probably find them around one way or another (check below or her website). She did an interview on Honeysoul.com in the middle of last year. Check that out (audio) here:

Honey Soul Music » Conversation with Sy Smith

If you like what you’ve heard, check out her second album “The Syberspace Social” here (and buy it, it’s great):

Get a Taste of Sy Smith – Amie Street

You can also check it out here:


Show her some love (or flash your breasts if you don’t know how)

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If this was a case, it’d be dismissed…(NSFW)

I had to share this. It’s about Angelina Jolie, but how you might be thinking about her. Now, I know what you’re thinking,”Not you too”. Ok, i’ve not talked about Angelina Jolie to anyone but my hand, so cut me some slack. You wan to fuck her to too and you know it. Anyway, the post is kind of funny to me. The blogger’s name is Sam Sugar and it’s his site. I’m a fan of some of his works (most notably Podnography). I’d like to see him argue a court case. He’d win on a “Boston Legal” type basis. Anyway, enjoy.

Angelina Jolie’s Real Marvelous Breasts | SugarBank

(*EDIT*) I wasn’t aware of this until later that the always lovely and entertaining Mistress was one of the sites mentioned in one of Sam Sugar’s Sugasm posts a while back. Apparently, I missed that when it happened.

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Want list wrap up

First of all, I want to say thanks to the one or two people (if that many. I hadn’t been able to get my metrics) that stuck with me through my geekfest last week. I will be returning to my regular geekfest after this post. Right now, I present some of the last few notables of the stuff I’m still looking through from the coverage.


Good for the nest of power cables behind the stereo equipment (or in my case, the two computers I have connected in addition to) and/or home theater system you might have. Every plug has it’s socket, just like sex.

LV VX9400 (i’ve mentioned this one before)

Not much to say about this. It’s a cellphone. A sweet looking, screen flipping, TV capable cellphone. Yep, you should be able to catch [Insert show of choice] when at [Insert event] or doing [I really don’t know]. Now, before you get too excited, Verizon is starting a TV service to go along with the phone (and another one) so what channels you will have depends on that, I believe.

Nokia N95 – Another cool cellphone. Looks lika a PDA. Might be as cool as the iPhone I keep seeing things about. It’s not in the States yet, so holla when it it is.

I got nothing else, so you can wake up now. As I said, we now return to our regularly scheduled geekery.

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Want list #4 (mobile)

As i’ve said, I am in the market for a cellphone. In fact, that is part of the reason that I’ve been geeked up more than usual for this years CES. I figure, there was going to be some new hotness that I just HAD to have or a new version of a phone that would drive down the price of the phone I want. I’m flexible. I’ve also said that I would like to be on Verizon, but there aren’t that many phone that do want I want on the carrier. There are some, but I’d kinda like to have choice. And while sex appeal is NOT a requirement with, it would be nice. As it stands right now, Cingular in all it’s merging glory is getting some nice new stuff. Verizon is getting one that might be nice, but outside of that, I hadn’t seen anything yet. Which brings me to now.

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past couple of days, there has been one word, and it is iPhone. It’s made by Apple, the Ipod people. Yea, they make computers too, for the elite (personal thought, not theirs). I don’t have an Ipod and I don’t use a Mac, but this iPhone thing is kinda sexy. I was going to stay away from talking about it, but that won’t happen. So let’s get this out of the way:

Touch screen (nice)

Stereo Bluetooth (it’d better)

Runs apple OS X (lite some say) (umm, ok)

4 or 8 GBs of storage, which means..

It’s an ipod and runs itunes (boo)

GSM, so…

Cingular will carry it (boo)

480×320 screen (nummy)

Wi-fi (duh!)

(sort of) High speed cellular internet ( I don’t know how fast EDGE really is)

The comparisons to the equally sexy LG KE850: Priceless

iPhone LG KE850: separated at birth? – Engadget Mobile

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You cannot escape the monopoly (old news now)

No matter what side of the US you are on you have to had dealings with either Bellsouth or AT&T. They used to be the same company for phone service and in parts cellphone service and was broken up in 1984. The reason, they were becoming a monopoly (and not the game, either).Now they are back together again like Roberta and Donny.

FCC approves $87b AT&T + BellSouth merger: now what? – Engadget

What does this mean? For phone service, not much unless you get into Voice over IP service like Vonage (AT&T is said to have or will have one too). You can’t move too many places that Ma Bell hadn’t touched. Cellphones, you’re still kinda screwed. If you were an AT&T wireless person when they got eaten by Cingular, say hi to and old friend. AT&T is reclaiming Cingular and changing it’s name back to AT&T wireless. (the formerly known as) SBC is a part of AT&T and I believe Suncom was leasing network from AT&T. Maybe Alltel too, who knows. As far as cell service, I think that leaves Verizon as a contender and number 2 in service. Well except that Verizon was once Bell Atlantic Mobile which is a Bellsouth property.

The moral of the story for you? If you plan on changing phone services (particularly cell phone), make sure you research the company to see if you are not leaving the company you are going back to. What goes around, comes around I guess.

I could be wrong about a couple of statements, but I will correct them upon further review.