1st Week o Hell in 07 is ova…

Random song(s) of the moment

Operation Lockdown – Helter Skelter

Portuguese Love – Teena Marie

Bitter – Meshell N’degéocello (whole album)

It’s been a long week (from last Thursday till today). I had to work 7 straight and at that, had to deal with my co-worker who just got back from a 3 week vacation. He made me sick, literally (and figuratively at times), because a couple of days in he got sick from the change of weather and passed it to me (Bastard!) Folks, if someone around you is sick and tries to hand you something and then tells you that you might want to wipe said item off because they either sneezed on or around it (and wiped their nose around it and not hands their fucking hands), they deserve their ass beat! And the fool told me this after he gave it to me. Next day (Tuesday), i’m sick. And I won’t get into the slack shit he’s been outside of that. Oh well, reviews come up in a few months and i’m his supervisor. I have no reason to be upset.

Anyway, it’s over and i’m glad. Not much else going on except that there is a new post at my oither blog I See Stupid People. L and I hadn’t really been doing too much with it and there is ALWAYS something stupid going on. Check it out, it’s a crazy one.

I’ve noticed that some blogs have dried up recently, but at least there are a couple that hadn’t let me down. I’m not calling people out because I know people get busy or don’t have much to say. Me? I’m just sporadic. I could go whole weeks without a post to 2 and 3 posts a day. I’m just missing some people, that’s all. Anyway, I need some sleep. I’m out.


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