CES is over, but i’m still going…

Though I am a bit tired (just got home from work). I might say this again, but i am in the market for a cellphone. CES would partially decide what I get. I would like to be with Verizio, but Cingular is aaparently getting the hotness. To me the hotness means nothing if it doesn’t do what I want it do….EVERYTHING. No, really I do want it to do a lot but it can’t do everything. So i’m looking through the CES coverage, and I see stuff that some of you might want, so I will try to post it here. Part of that trouble may have been taken care of by the excellent cell phone covering site, Phonescoop.com. Click the link below to see what they found. The first page talks about the LG – VX-9400 for Verizon. You can watch TV (served up by Verizon) on it. Check out the video at the bottom of the first page, too.

CES 2007 (Phone Scoop)

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Want list #3

Need a cordless phone? Do you use Skype (you should)? You might want this phone. It’s a dual mode cordless / Skype phone. Yep, it handles regular calls and Skype (In/Out) VoIP calls. I don’t know how seamless it is if you got a Skype call while in the middle of a landline call, but for $200, you’d think it’d be good. Hell, tack on voicemail and speaker phone for both sides and it might be worth it. Check it out for yourself:

Netgear announces dual-mode DECT Skype phone – Engadget

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Want list item #1 (yes please!)

I’ve seen the first model of this computer a while ago and I liked it then. The problem, it cost a lot and was a first generation product which mean there where issues with it (battery life and processor speed being the biggest). That may have changed with the Model 2 computer from OQO. Now you say, big deal, it’s a computer. WTF? Here’s the scoop. It’s WAY smaller than a laptop. A little bigger than a Blackberry, Treo, or PDA, and it’s a FULL FLEDGED COMPUTER! No more lugging laptops (and possibly cellphones) with this thing around. It has a failry big hard drive, full keyboard(if smallish), Bluetooth, integrated high speed internet (EVDO for those who know), pen based touch screen capabilities, and a nice looking screen for the size. You could output that screen to a bigger monitor with the HDMI or VGA ports that this thing has. You need a DVD drive, there is an optional dock to hook this up to. What more would you want, breakfast? Your lazy ass has to do something for yourself. For computing on the go, this could be it. Problem is, it’s GOT to be expensive and the battery appears to still not be there, but it can run Windows Vista. Just check it out and see what you think. Feel free to buy me one if you like. I won’t mind.

OQO Model 02 arrives – Engadget

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Now here, I thought, was a good idea…

How many times have you told yourself, “Damn, I don’t have anywhere to put any speakers” or ” I don’t want theses speaker wires in the way or showing? Well, this and a couple of other designs are supposed to change that.

Induction Dynamics’ SolidDrive SD1 turns your wall into an OK speaker – Engadget

I’ve heard about the sound induction technology behind this before. Basically, you use the surface that you are placing the “speaker” on AS the speaker. So, if you put this on a table, the table becomes the speaker. Put it on, or in, a wall that wall becomes the speaker box. If you are in an apartment, turn it around and fuck with your neighbors (kidding). It’s a interesting idea but according to the article, it’s kinda blah. If they can work that out, it’ll be cool. Check it out anyway.

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Everybody needs a chess set, right? Hell yeah! So why not have one that’s USB powered? Brilliant! Just think you, yes you, can have a chess set that you can roll up and take with you to that house party you’re going to this weekend. Break it out, plug it into the USB port on the computer that is SURE to be in the middle of the dance floor, set it up, and challenge any fool who dares to try to bring it you. It’s perfect. Or if you want to get away from folks and have a “private” game of strip chess with that special someone (or yourself if like yourself that much. and you should) near the computer upstairs in the office, do it. The world is your oyster with this:

The roll-up USB chess set – Engadget

Personally, as the article says, if you are into chess (it’s a good game), there are other easier ways to go about it. I present to you my personal choices:

Yahoo (gotta sign in), or MSN games

Let Grandmaster (not in the rap sense, but the actual sense) Maurice Ashley teach you. If you can find it, there is a pretty good CD-Rom game that can teach you. It is also by him. Not saying that I have this, mind you, but it is good.(*ahem*) So I hear.

Teach your children, too.

And Windows Vista will have it automatically when it ships, not that anyone cares. Don’t ask me how I know this.

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Now this is just sad…Now they’re pimpin’ penguins

I ran across this article just now and thought it was funny, really. A rare species of penguin was found off the coast of Australia, tired after it apparently swam a long way long way from where it was. And what does it get for it’s troubles? Check out the story here:

Sex next for rescued ‘Groucho Marx’ penguin

The DVD should be out shortly with a bonus scene of the threesome that you KNOW will happen. Actually, it seems like he’s not complaining much… Then again, I probably wouldn’t mind myself, knowing me.

2nd Annual Geek Week starts now

I’m a little late with this. Every year around this time, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) comes around. Another event, the Macworld Expo, also comes around this time. Macworld shows off new Apple products. This is their first big show of the year. I don’t have a Mac or and Ipod, but I will take a look and see what coming up. I don’t cover it like I do CES. Fanboys and girls drool like I do over CES. CES is a big trade show that shows off a lot of the new and notable items, like TV’s, cellphones, computers, stereos, mp3 players, Tivo and Tivo like products, and a whole bunch of other goodies that will come out during the course of the year. Pretty much every brand name you can think of is there and it pretty much marks the start of the Geek New Year. If you like gadgets and other consumer electronic items, this is the show to look forward to every year. I wish I could have been there. That’s something I have been working on for the past year or two. In fact, if I had any New Year’s resolutions, it would be to travel to shows like this and a couple of Jazz Festivals that I’ve been wanting to hit. Needless to say, I’m starting out wrong. Oh, one other note, CES happens in Vegas and also comes at the same time as a certain Porn convention. Coincidence, I think not. We all know Porn and tech go hand in hand. We wouldn’t have had VHS or dad’s if it wasn’t for porn (it’s true, sort of). Now you see another reason why I want to go. 🙂 And you know, PART of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Anyway, this year’s CES started Monday and goes through Thursday. And in according with this yearly event, I scour the coverage of the show from a couple of different places. That’s all you really need unless there is a place specializing in video (which there is).

CNET, a site I seem to reference a lot is there in force with their coverage (it’s what they do).

CES 2007

And Engadget, my favorite gadget site, is also there in full force.

Engadget CES 2007

Both places are Live blogging various press conferences where the BIG new products are being unveiled for the first time. Alot of

good lustworthy stuff comes from these places and that’s where this comes in. I sift through the coverage and pick out the stuff that I’m drooling over…or just want badly. Thus, my “want list” for the start of the year. It’s supposed to be comprised from stuff throughout the year, but the majority comes from CES. If fact, I see a couple of things that I plan to look into a little more thoroughly to talk about. Most you may not care, a couple of you might. It’s fine either way. If ’07 goes the way I think might, the content here in the blog might run all over the map anyway (and surprise a few of you). bear with me or ride with me this week. You might see something you like. From what I see right now, the word on everyone’s lips is iPhone. I may give my impressions soon. It looks pretty neat, actually.


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(1st official post of the year) Let’s start this year off where ’06 ended…with a meme

Last year, I wouldn’t do these meme things, but I also realized that you could learn a couple of things about people from them. Well, I knew that part, but I figured I gave out what people wanted to know about me. Then that may or may not be true because no one asked for what I gave them. Then that’s not entirely true because a couple of people asked about… well anyway, here we are to now. I figured i’d start this year with a couple of the memes that interested me last year. I’ll probably be doing them within the next couple of posts (in between geeking out). So let’s start with an easy one….

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) my MP3 player, in this case

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that’s playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

Opening Credits: “No One Else” – Amel Larrieux

Waking Up: “New Doo review” – Parliament

First Day At School: “Dreamin” – Crossrhodes

Falling In Love: “Glitches(the skin you’re in)– Amel Larrieux The Roots (an odd ring of truth in that)

Fight Song: “I’m Not Afraid” – Jill Scott (Gotta giggle on that one)

Breaking Up: “Liquid Sunshine” – Parliament (what???)

Prom: “No Snakes Alive” – King Geedorah featuring Jet-Jaguar

Life is good: “R.A.P.G.A.M.E” – Viktor Vaughn featuring Manchild and Iz-Real (huh???)

Mental Breakdown: “Soul Inspiration” – Anita Baker (I love this song, too. Interesting choice)

Driving: “5th Fashion” – Little Brother

Flashback: “Bravebird” – Amel Larrieux (maybe a theme here?)

Getting Back Together: “Searchin’ My Soul” – Amel Larrieux (wow)

Wedding: “Talk To Me” – Anita Baker (here’s another giggler)

Birth of Child: “9 Lashes (When Michael Slaps Lucifer)” – Vast Aire (WTF?!!?)

Final Battle: “Wizard of Finance” – Parliament

Funeral Song: “My Adidas” – Run DMC (Hopefully, someone will break out the cardboard)

End Credits: “Music” – The Brand New Heavies (I would’ve preferred “Sex God”, but beggars can’t be choosy…and it would be a lie)

I hope you got something out of this. I

got a couple of laughs in. Now I have to process what this means, if

anything. I guess we’ll see what the next one brings. Oh, and why is this the 1st official post of the new year when I clearly did one before this? Because I said so. 😛


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We interrupt the first post of the new year for this breaking news…

I just looked in the Sunday paper yesterday thumbing through the circulars (as usual) when I saw something that I shouldn’t be this excited about. Ladies and Gentlemen, MARTIN’S on DVD!! And i’m not talking about his stand up stuff. I’m talking about Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy, Cole, Brotha Man (excuse me, Bruh man) from the fif flo, and Jerome’s in the house. I said, Jerome’s in the hou-ooh-ow-ooh watch ya mowf! (*ahem*) just to name a few.

*Picture from DVDempire.com

Anyway, i’m excited becase I loved the show and I never thought it would come to DVD. Now, if they could just put out Real Sex, I’ll be a happy man.

Season one of Martin will be on sale starting 01/02/07 (tomorrow). I think I saw it at Circuit City for $21.95. That’s the cheapest i’ve seen yet.

We now return you to whatever was going to be posted

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