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Hi folks,

    When we last left our hero, he was doing…. not much. Sure, stuff was going on, geeky stuff was (and is) there to be spoken off, but it wasn’t happening. No excuse, so I won’t offer on. I did take a trip for work last week, but I will come back to that next. Also, while I couldn’t bring myself to post, it wasn’t for lack of things to say. I’m actually catching up on a few things and will be getting back into my normal irregular schedule. Ok, I’m seeing if there were any real changes to Performancing, since it changed to Scribefire. Ok, I’m lying because that’s a terrible excuse…and the fact that it would be an excuse. Anyway, if you are still here, I appreciate it! If not, then how are you looking at this? At any rate, I’ll holla back in a little bit. Feel free to fumigate some wisdom in the comments or email. If you can catch me, hit up Skype (check the thought bubble to the left). My Pandora stations are still going too (I recommend the Nu jazz one).


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