This day after Thankgiving thing again…

Twas the week of Thanksgiving and all over the place,everybody’s waiting for Friday, like it was a damn race!

Yep, the day that people all over the U.S. braces for in anticipation. The one Holiday to rule them all, for retail stores. Yes, I’m talking about the first official shopping day of Christmas. Forget the day before and the turkey that is eaten on that day. that day is to give thanks for the two days off and the the shopping therein. Sounds snarky? Maybe a bit, but let’s get to the reason of the post. Black Friday is the day in question, and though I don’t know why it’s called that and don’t put much stock in it, but there is a purpose for those who do. The purpose, there are deals to be had and here is where to do a couple of them. The sales are usually out before the actually day and here are a couple of places to find them.
Mild mannered deal and (online) coupon site by day, early Black Friday sales poster by Thanksgiving. I’ve not used this site before, but I may come here more often for coupons to online stores and such.

The original (well, at least the first one that I’ve come across) site for Black Friday deals. Just like Dealnews, they have the ads the week or more before the day. They also have coupons and apparently a shopping list that you can access should you sign up with them (that’s at your discretion).

One note: Walmart has been having sales for the last few Fridays to try to siphon off the madness that is Black Friday. One of these said sale was a $99 HD DVD player from Toshiba. I missed out on that, but it doesn’t matter because I’m not trying to get into this HD Format war. That’s another story. Wally world had also banned sites such as these from posting their ads before this week for reasons of selfishness and sales, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m sure there are more sites with other stuff, but really, I have a feeling they will be repeating the same ads. So, you have your ammo, go give ’em hell. I’m not trying to be out in that mess. That’s what the internet is for. And Cyber Monday, as stupid as that sounds.


I almost forgot, there is also one of my favorite sites out there, They have one thing on sale every day. Mostly something electronic in nature, but worth a look. Sometimes, they have side deals that are ironically on the top of the page and you get a song if nothing else. There is also there sister sites, wine.woot and shirt.woot for…those items.

And I TOTALLY forgot about They’ve been doing their thing for a while now. possibly longer than Dealnews. I don’t know. Check them out also. OUT!

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