Second Christmas starts today!!!

Yes folks, it’s that time again. The Consumer Electronics Show (January 7-10) comes to Sin City bringing joy, merriment, (A Porn convention across the street), all types of gadgety goodness upon the land. I believe last year I called it a geeks Second Christmas or something like that, not that we needed one. The good part is that the show brings with it all of the tech goodies that will possibly come out during the year. The bad parts, I probably can’t afford some of the stuff I would no doubt drool over if I was there and , oh yeah, I’M NOT THERE! But I can’t let that stop me from watching the no doubt extensive coverage from CNET and Engadget (among other places) that will be going on. There will be announcements and products big and small and during the course of the week (because I do have to work and won’t have a heck of a lot of time to sift through 3 days worth of stuff), I will bring you what I will probably drool over for months to come(in the form of my Want List). It could be this years entries for the worlds biggest TVs or perhaps some gaming peripherals or cellphones or whatnots. Things have already started being announced so I’m already behind. So hopefully, I will through up some stuff i find later on today if not tomorrow. Stick around if you hadn’t clicked away already. If you haven’t, you’re a braver soul than I thought.

Oh, there are also discussion panels that go on during CES so if you like that kind of stuff, there are podcast (audio and video) feeds that can be subscribed to from here. I haven’t checked any of it out yet, but there is plenty to go through.


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