Interesting phone site

If you are in the market for a new cell phone (like me), you’d want to be able to eventually pick up the phone and play with it without having to deal with the annoying salespeople at the various kiosks or stores where you plan to get said phone. This is also after going to the various carriers and checking out the service and also hitting up for news and reviews on the carriers and phones, right? Right! So after doing all of that and now dreading going to the store before you actually want to make a purchase (assuming you don’t purchase online anywhere), why not test out the phone from the comfort of your own web browser, eh? “But Roddy”, you ask, “you can’t do that that from a web browser. You need to pick up, press button, flush it down the toilet, or whatnot.” Um, ok. All but that last part with the toilet might have truth to it. There is also the notion that you don’t always need to touch something to look at it. That’s what Mama used to say. She also said, “Don’t you rush to get old.” Mama used to say….

Anyway, this brings us, finally, to the point of this shindig:

I saw this on MSN earlier. Here, you can try out the features of certain phones and check out reviews, buy, and in cases, look at a demo of features on the phones right from the site. It’s pretty neat. It’s in Beta, so it’s not fully baked yet, but you can go check it out. They don’t have but a handful of phones on there either, but if you were in the market for what they do have, go right on in. Some phone manufacturers like HTC (T-Mobile Dash, AT&T’s 8925, Verizon’s XV6800, etc) sometimes have little demos of there phones features on their site. This one rolls on that notion for different brands of phones. I like it even though the phone I want, the aforementioned XV6800, is not on here. But hopefully, they will at least get to all of the newer phones.

Try it out. It’s cool.

Now this ought to be good…

Sometime last week, my wife tells me that she wants to start blogging. Normally I would encourage the thought to anyone asking about it, but this was funny to me because whenever she has seen me blogging or even looking at forums (both are synonymous with blogging to her), she look down on it. Yet, I’ve seen her go on Soap Opera forums and either raise cane or laugh at, out loud not on the board, on what was being said there. Heck, I’ve seen her yelling at the the TV because of something she saw or heard on The View, Oprah, Rachael Ray, Meet The Press, the news, or whatever. I’m saying all of this because, obviously, she’s a natural fit to blog yet never wanted to do it. She could probably take on a tag teamed Bill O’Reilly / Rush Limbaugh all by herself…and probably win! She’s not that big in stature, but she makes up for it vocally. 🙂

Maybe that is about to change. When she asked me about it, ,I poo pooed the notion because I thought she wasn’t serious. She recently brought it up again and while I still kind of poo pooed it, it piqued me interest. She definitely has a lot to say and it would do so much better in a public forum than just laying around the house with me. So this is where we are right now. One of two things are about to happen: 1) I’m going to set her up with a WordPress page and let her have at it, or 2) I may set her up to guest post here, and she takes off running, we spin her off on her own. The first, I’d be doing that for my own curiosity on WordPress than anything else. The second scenario would be easier for me and it would bring something different to the table. Win win for me either way. I will definitely let you all know, so you can check her out. Let me know what you think about it.

Wonder why (second) Christmas missed us?

Possibly because it was kind of disappointing, personally. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check last post. Caught up? Cool.

I’m hurt, because I look forward to CES coverage every year to gauge the coming gadget year. This year, there was a bigger biggest TV that NO one will ever buy (unless they own a stadium), and set top box that might be cool, but other than that, nada. Sorry, T, I tried. And people covering the show said the same thing, so I’m not alone. Now, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything coming around that might be cool, but it wasn’t announced there. So, my year is starting kind of on a down note gadget wise. However, I remain undaunted. I’m sure there will be some gadget I can’t afford that I will want. I’m already saving up for a couple of things I’ve been wanting for a minute now. It’s not the Apple Air that mac fans have been drooling over, that’s for sure.

On that, What’s the deal. It’s thin, whoopie? It’s a Mac, hooray? It’s not really heavy. It’s got ONE USB port, no user replaceable battery or hard drive? What is that about? I’m sure there are plenty of other Envelope thin, light, more functioning laptops out there. Probably cost way less, too. I’m looking for a laptop, if it was apparent.For now, I’ll just K.I.M. And If I couldn’t get further from the original point, I’m in the market for a Cellphone, too. Had one before they became popular, now I could stand to have one. Especially with this upcoming trip I have, but more on that later.

Anyway, back to the point. CES was meh. I’m disappointed, but I’ll be alright. That’s not why you came here, or maybe it is. At either case, you might be happy to know that while I have no real upcoming gadget goodies to gush about right, I do have some goodies to pass along. Think you’re going to like them (assuming that you haven’t already heard about them). And I shall. Proceed. and continue to rock them out…

After these messages… 😉