Wonder why (second) Christmas missed us?

Possibly because it was kind of disappointing, personally. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check last post. Caught up? Cool.

I’m hurt, because I look forward to CES coverage every year to gauge the coming gadget year. This year, there was a bigger biggest TV that NO one will ever buy (unless they own a stadium), and set top box that might be cool, but other than that, nada. Sorry, T, I tried. And people covering the show said the same thing, so I’m not alone. Now, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything coming around that might be cool, but it wasn’t announced there. So, my year is starting kind of on a down note gadget wise. However, I remain undaunted. I’m sure there will be some gadget I can’t afford that I will want. I’m already saving up for a couple of things I’ve been wanting for a minute now. It’s not the Apple Air that mac fans have been drooling over, that’s for sure.

On that, What’s the deal. It’s thin, whoopie? It’s a Mac, hooray? It’s not really heavy. It’s got ONE USB port, no user replaceable battery or hard drive? What is that about? I’m sure there are plenty of other Envelope thin, light, more functioning laptops out there. Probably cost way less, too. I’m looking for a laptop, if it was apparent.For now, I’ll just K.I.M. And If I couldn’t get further from the original point, I’m in the market for a Cellphone, too. Had one before they became popular, now I could stand to have one. Especially with this upcoming trip I have, but more on that later.

Anyway, back to the point. CES was meh. I’m disappointed, but I’ll be alright. That’s not why you came here, or maybe it is. At either case, you might be happy to know that while I have no real upcoming gadget goodies to gush about right, I do have some goodies to pass along. Think you’re going to like them (assuming that you haven’t already heard about them). And I shall. Proceed. and continue to rock them out…

After these messages… 😉

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