Condolenses to the Levert Family…

Just found out from that Sean Levert, son of the O’jays Eddie Levert and brother to since passed Gerald Levert, has passed away.

Honey Soul Music ร‚ยป Sean Levert, Son of O’Jays Singer Found Dead

This is sad news. I loved Levert growing up, and it was sad to hear about Gerald’s passing. This must be doubly hard for the Levert Family. Click through for more info. I didn’t what was going on with him… truly sad.

Sean had a pretty nice solo album called “The Other Side“. “Put your body where your mouth is” was fave of mine from it.

I’m thinking of pulling out this album and some Levert later on. I did compilation of there stuff a while back.

Me love me Roots and Sulka

I love the Roots. They are one of my top five fave Hip Hop groups. This means I get pretty excited when I hear about new joints from them. The problem is, until right now, i hadn’t heard about anything new. So imagine my surprise when I check out this post on

The Roots Redeem Themselves With ‘Rising Up’ – SOULBOUNCE.COM

I didn’t know about the first song/video much less the flack from it. I must be slipping my old age. Anyway, check out the newly released track from the Roots Crew that is on the page above. It’s classic Roots hotness! Meanwhile, I’m going to go sulk in the corner…

I *heart* XKCD + whatever else

For one of the reasons why, click this link:

xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe

I could have embedded it here, but click through, there is more funny than that.

I was just laughing at the wife for going ga ga for the Nintendo Wii being shown on Rachael Ray. Funnier still since I told her about it a while ago and that she had a chance to try one when my cousin brought his home for Christmas. Won’t be getting it (still can’t find it anyway around here). Not saying never though. *SMH*

This could be remnants from the Strawberry Milk high I was on this morning, but…

From the I don’t know why Dept., here is a list of my 5 favorite songs to wake up to (No particular order):

Somersault (DJ Dangermouse Remix) – Zero 7 Feat. MF Doom
Hummin’ (live) – Cannonball Adderley Quartet
Journey In Satchidananda – Alice Coltrane
Definition (and/or RE: DEFiniton) – Black Star
Down Here On The Ground – Grant Green

Honorable Mentions:
Keep Trying – Groove Theory
Verbal Murder 2 – Pete Rock W/ Big Punisher, Noreaga, and Common
Da Supafriendz – Vast Aire Feat.MF Doom

Still need a reason? Because you didn’t ask but you were wondering. Good enough? ๐Ÿ™‚
Need another? What I was originally going to post isn’t working out. What makes it so bad is that I write on the fly. Ida Know

You might THINK that’s the real reason, but it might be.


What’s up, all, some, or one!

Just throwing this one out here just because. Don’t really do the odds and ends posts, because they would end up that way to me. At any case, I hope to have a couple of hopefully interesting posts coming in the next day or so (but you know me). That’s provided my family don’t run me ragged with requests. I need to start charging them, what’s a good rate? ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t really have much in the way of thoughtful either. There are some blogs on the left of this post that can handle that way better than I can. But that’s for another time. There is a ‘Where are they now’ I’ve been thinking about. It may be a little different from the others. There will be an update coming on the missus’ missives soon, too. It’s funny to me, but, later man. Got a new cellphone last week, so if you see some stuff appear and disappear here, that could be part of the reason. I’d like to try out some things.

So anywhoo, just passing a note on the way to checking out my blog fam (see left sidebar again). Come back through later on.

I leave you with a concert from a pretty cool site that I may or may not have mentioned before called This site basically house hundreds upon hundreds(exact count, Ida know) concerts from music artists far and wide. The concerts are, of course, streamed and you can embed the video into your own site, if you so choose. I’ve gone there ever now and the to check out who’s on there that I would care to see. A lot of the concerts are old and there aren’t a lot of “popular” artists which make it even better, personally. There a lot of artists or groups that you may not have even heard of before doing concerts you may not have ever seen before. See how that works? From time to time, I’ll plant one right here for your perusal. So without Freddie Adu, here is a concert from ’07 from Soul artist Eric Roberson from the Paradiso Main Hall. Not sure where it was, but it’s not the US. it won’t matter.


P.S. I wonder if there is someone’s Google alert I can set off?

I said Later, MAN!

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Where are they now (Update): Portishead

I could have sworn that I have done one of these for them, but I can’t find it. Portishead is one of the greatest groups, ever. OK, that’s a bit much, but they are a great Electronica/trip-hop group from England. Their first album, Dummy, is a classic. They hadn’t had an album on about 10 years and now they are coming back out.

Maybe they heard me. Doubt it. They were already working on the album when I posted about them. I CAN’T WAIT! Portishead is bringing out their third album called…Third, on April 14 (not the third??) I don’t care. I just want to hear it. I know there are tracks on theirMyspace page (I hope “Keybored 299 03” is still on the album) but I’ve been waiting for a new album for a minute. Hopefully, I will have a review of it when it comes out. We’ll see. I’m lazy about stuff like that, but i want to try my hand at it. That’s all I wanted to say about that for now.

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’07 gems: Pando

First of all, ’07 gems is the name given to those apps, gadgets, or sites that I was too lazy to write about in ’07. Plus, I can see myself using these items more in the future and I wanted to make sure I put the word out before I started to do so. See how that works out? Good. is a way to send and/or share large files (up to 1GB) to people via email, IM, or the web (more on this later). Given the file size limitations of most email clients, you can see where this can be a cool deal. Let’s say you are working on some music project and the person or people you are working with are scattered around the country. You want to send the latest version of a track to everyone in the group easily. You just find the file on your PC, right-click on it, choose send with Pando, choose to send via email, IM, or web, address it and hit send. You could also go though a similar process from Pando itself, but it just as easy. The file gets uploaded in what the company calls a package (get it?). The people sent to get a small (.Pando) file that will open up in Pando and start downloading instantly, provided they have it installed on their PC. It works with Outlook, Gmail, and pretty much any other web based email client.

I mentioned that in addition to sending by email, you could could send files through IM and the web. Pando works with all of the major IM clients along with Trillian, ICQ(anybody still using this?), and the VoIP darling, Skype. I’m guessing that Pidgin, the new kid Digsby(still playing around with it), and the web based Meebo won’t have any issues with it either. For anyone wanting to, you can also publish to the web. Pando can be used to publish video, audio or whatever else on websites, blogs, forums, and by RSS. Once posted, the file can be shared with others just as easily with no real cost to you. Pando even gives you the code to copy and paste onto your site for distribution.

Now comes the inner workings part. Pando works on a P2P type protocol similar to Bittorent, if you’ve ever heard of it.The more people with the file and have Pando running, the faster that someone downloading said file will be able to get it. The person’s connection still plays the part in this, mind you. Basically, you have the file on your PC. As soon as you send it to wherever, a copy goes to Pando’s servers and a small file, if sending by email or IM, goes to the recipient. The recipient opens the file in Pando and starts downloading just like that. The cool part is that once you are finished uploading the file, the recipient can still get it because, as I’ve said, it’s on Pando’s servers and will stay there depending on how it was sent. If sent by email or IM, it lasts for 7 days after the last time it was shared or downloaded. If by web, 30 days from the last download. If someone downloaded the file within 30 days, the count starts over. I could have saved you so much trouble by pointing you here.

Oh, I forgot, they also have a service where you can subscribe to and download HD quality videocasts. They already have channels that you can subscribe to from the likes of ESPN, CNN,, Epic-Fu, and others. You can also use Pando to download Bittorent files, but I haven’t used that option much. I believe that I have just heard that they are partnering with NBC for a direct download service for their shows (for pay, no doubt). That might be pretty neat, if it works.

By now, you have either clicked away from this post or are wondering how much this is. If you’ve stuck it out, here’s the answer: For the low, low price of free you can have all of this functionality. There is also a paid version that boasts a bigger file size limit, no ads, more hosting time, etc. That’s about it. I’m guessing that’s enough, though. If you were interested, you’d be downloading it by now. If you care for a sample of the goods, try this little offering out.

Something funny. I was going to do screen capture on how to send a a package, but I realized the irony of it. Hope you enjoy what I did send and I hope the people who made what I sent won’t be upset.

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