Let your vanity searches come to you

All of ya’ll probably know about this already, so take it as a PSA for the rest of the class.

Alright, so the powers that be over at Google thought it would be handy for folks that like to search themselves out on the web to not have to keep coming to their site every time the whim to do so hits them. So, they set up Google Alerts to keep them from having to. This is how it works:

You go here and put in your name search term(s), type (from blogs, video, news, the whole ball of wax, etc), email address, and how often you want to be alerted. Every time your name the term(s) come up, you get an email on it. Because, you know, you’d want to know every time your name the term(s) come up, right? Right. You can also have more than one alert set and can manage them from here(if you have Google account, all the better).Oh, keep in mind that this is like any other search, so if you are not getting what you are expecting, you may have to tweak your search terms.

Oh, and I’m sure it’d be good for those who search on a specific topic frequently, but let’s be real here.

Alright, now that you’re armed with this knowledge, I’ve got a question or two.

Be honest:

  1. Have you ever done a vanity search?
  2. Why did you do it the first time?
  3. Did you expect to find anything incriminating?
  4. Did you find anything interesting? If so, what was it?
  5. Did you find anything that you wish you can change?

1. Yep, a couple of times on my real name and once for my pseudonym (you gotta do it every now and then).
2. A co-worker of mine said he had Googled my name found a bunch of people. I meant to question why the hell he was Googling my name.
3. nope, thank goodness.
4. Yea, there is an artist with the same as me. Also, there are more people with my real name than I thought.
5. Yea, I wish I had copped the artist’s website name before he did. The minute he lapses, I’m pouncing on it. Also, I’m out there a good bit, apparently. I’ve even seen ED posts in the search. It’s funny. I have been signing up for a good bit lately.

What say you?

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