Testing out mobile blogging

If you are seeing this, then you are up way too early or I haven’t taken this down yet. Chances are, it’s the latter.

I’ve had a cellphone for about a month and just thought to set it up for some mobile blogging should the need(or boredom) arrives. Since I haven’t been too consistent on the blog anyway, this might not happen much. I say that, but given how much time I Twitter(more on that soon), that’s probably not true. I am discovering very quickly blogging this way has it’s limitations. Anyway, if you’ve been to the site in the last week, you’ve noticed a post that could have very well come from this phone (and a side eye from a miss Dejanae (hate the fact that I can’t link proper from here) to whom I have to thank for the comment) that I have NO clue as to how it got sent last Saturday. I didn’t set it up that day, so it wasn’t from that. I own no, so I guess it’ll be a mystery.

I also set this thing up to post to my Flickr account(don’t bother unless you want see a bowl of Ice Cream I recently took (it’s in my favorite bowl, at least). At any rate, this has gone on far too long and my fingers are starting to cramp. This thing does a full keyboard, but still. May post pics of it. BTW, now do ya’ll see why don’t blog much about my personal life? Exactly. And miss Scribefire too…

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