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So I love you guys, and if you don’t know know you know, people (where did you think I was going with that?). And that love extends to the comments I get from from you. So keep them coming. I’ve gotten some good ideas for posts thanks to your comments, including a couple I wasn’t expecting. šŸ™‚ This is basically an answer to a couple of them.

First off, the lovely Ms. Sula mentioned something about “forcing my hand on a new topic”. Well indeed she did and I love her for. I’ve since sent message to Sula about that, but that post has been sitting in my brain since that time. It’s practically written too. Here’s the thing, I can and do come out of the blue with a post, but some things like product or website reviews take a little thought or else they end up like this. That ain’t pretty, but it’s mine. šŸ™‚ Anyways, you get the idea. That’s part of the reason I started blogging, but I’ve said that before. Might take me a minute to get those out than one out of thin air. I don’t like to over produce things either. You’d think I was some kind of writer. At any case it is coming. By the way, to all that have wondered about the co-blogging thing, I definitely will speak on that pretty soon.

Now, my fave bootleg lady, Dejanae, mentioned Utterz and Twitter (because I had done so) and I plan to talk about Twitter possibly next post or so. Utterz, I’ve heard people using, including Deja, and I may give it and/or something like it a shot. I like giving stuff like this a whirl. Miss Deja also said something about me putting up a naked vlog (before laughing her ass off, mind you. šŸ™‚ This is how I wrap all of this together. I personally believe that I have a face for radio and a voice for writing. In other words, me no like a my voice or face. That’s not to say that I feel as though I’m a hideous beast, I just feel a sort of of way about putting myself out there like that (anymore than I already have). Plus, with my luck, somebody from my job would see it and that’d be all she wrote. That said, I’d probably do it balls and all in a more controlled environment than Youtube. There is actually a way to do that, but Ida know…baby steps, fam, baby steps. I could do the voice thing way easier right now. Besides, some of you all have seen my picture around the net. Would you really want to see that in the buff? And no, I ain’t scurred, much, just that the whole vlogging thing is best suited for better equipped people than I. In other words, Deja, if you did it, I’d think about it. What’s say? šŸ™‚

And almost finally, Deja asked if all I do is take pics of ice cream. No, man. It was there, I shot it. I do love photography and would love to do some serious shot, but that requires skill and equipment that I feel I do not possess. May take it up, though. And it should come to no surprise to anyone that I love nude photographs amongst them all. Call me a perv all you want, but eff it, I’m honest. As for my favorite bowl? It’s an old cereal bowl that I seem to have gravitated to a many moons ago. Matter of fact, here’s the picture.

Now on to the idea of a blog crush post. I like the idea. I may just do it. Oddly enough, the problem is that if I do that post, the people will see it. šŸ™‚ (*BLUSH*)

I think that about wraps this up. Oh wait, there is one more thing. Gee double said something about talking about sex more than doing it. I personally would like to hear her views on the subject. If you would too (I would encourage it), go question her up on her site. Tell her I sent you. (*Cue devilish grin*)

And finally finally(in what sure is looking to be me copying other folks), if you have any questions of me, sites or such you want to know about, give me a shout. I’ll try to answer what I can. You could also ask sex type questions, but you must really like me for doing so. šŸ™‚

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