Looking before you leap…

This is what I get for not checking out my blog roll before posting. Yesterday(as of this post), the super cutie sex/dating/relationship super Blogger FunkyBrownChick wrote a great based on a comment made by some unknown clown. You can check that out here. I recently came across FBC and her site roaming through Twitter. I know, I haven’t talked about that site yet and I will. It’s having issues right now, anyway. That’s another post.

Anywhoo, what’s funny to me is that had I known (she did mention it in the comments though) she was going to bat this one out that fast and post it, I would not have put up the post before this one. But that’s the mark of a good writer. They can do that kind of stuff. I was already embarrassed that the people I knew would see it, but now there the chance that that others might, also. It’s not a bad post, just embarrassing for me (being a shy type person and all). I thought about taking it it down real quick, but I thought about it. Eff it. What’s done is done. And I’m probably making it worse for myself by calling attention to it.:) So up it stays and hiding in the corner, am I. My less than consistent blogging habits don’t help either. πŸ™‚ Speaking of, hopefully Deja won’t bop me in the head V-8 style.

Now, lest ye be thinking that I’m just hyping up her site because she mentioned me, you need to be ashamed. She’s been on my blog roll since the re-template (I didn’t design it), so you could have very well been over there by now, so there (*sticks out toungue*). It doesn’t matter, and you all know I try to put you up on good things and people…no matter how late that may. So go…and try to foget about the last post.

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