Happy 4th of July

Not much to it, here, but I figure since most of you, like me, will be feeding your faces with fire kissed food, I mention some nourishment for your eardrums.

First off, get yourself over to EJ Flavors for a Funky Forth playlist worthy of a backyard BBQ (complete with the band themselves). Guaranteed to have you breaking out the Dominos.

And of course, what’s a 4th and a BBQ without a nice big plate of RIBS. That’s right, the man, TGrundy is over there serving up Summertime at the Grill hot and fresh with a nice little collabo / competition at his Rhythms In Black Satin site. You gotta check it up.

Two more great mixes have been noted by Tgrundy in the comments. Definitely check out the Mixtress herself, DJ Diva’s Larry Levan Tribute and Soulrific’s Episode 14 on Infinite Ink. These are two sites you should be checking out anyway.

And actually, I’m going to throw in one more that’s pretty hot also. Go west and check out The Big La, Todd Kelley, over at Flowink.com for a head nodding Hip Hop mix called the Background Flow #7 that was done this week. Definitely another great site to check out.

There might be a couple of other sites i’m missing and I’ll add them here if I see them, but all this goodness shouldn’t be passed up. Should I even say that it’s enough to give you the Itis? 🙂

What are you waiting for? Get to going!

Have a happy 4th, just don’t forget what it’s really all about.

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